How to Add Contact Information to Siri on iPhone

One way in which you can improve Siri's capabilities is by adding personal information to Contact. Because with more information owned by Siri, the more accurate results are issued by Siri.

Siri is an AI developed by apple company.

Siri itself can help you in many ways while using your iOS phone.

One of them is turning on lights, air conditioning and also televisions.

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Or even siri you can use to open the door of your house muscularly.

But you can also add contacts to siri just in case something unexpected happens

For example, when asking Siri how long it will take to get home, Siri can answer it accurately by taking the address information on the contact.

Add Contact Information to Siri on iPhone

  • Open Settings.
  • Swipe down until you find the Contacts option.
  • Tap the My Info option, then select your name in the contact list.
  • Tap the Siri & Search option.
  • Tap (On) on the Show Siri Suggestion for Contacts and Learn from this App options.

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