10 Siri Commands You Can Use Offline

Through iOS 15, Apple gave Siri an upgrade where users can now give commands to Siri even if the iPhone is offline or not connected to the Internet.

Of course, using Siri in the absence of an Internet connection has its limitations. You can't ask Siri to do a web search for information that requires Internet access, or anything else that requires an Internet connection.

But at least, you can still do simple commands for Siri without the need for an Internet connection at all. Here are at least 10 commands that you can try.

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Turn On Dark Mode or Vice Versa

You can use the "turn on dark mode" command to activate or "turn off dark mode" to vice versa.

Creating a Timer

You can make a time calculation by saying the command "Set a timer for 17 minutes" or the time duration you want.

Creating an Alarm

You can use the "set an alarm" command and then follow the next instructions from Siri to determine the time and day.

Reading New Messages

You can use the "read my new messages" command and siri will open the latest SMS that you haven't read.

Running the App

You can use the "open settings" or "launch Photos" commands

Setting Up Music Playback

You can use the commands "set volume to 70", "play previous song", or "play next music".

Turn on Bluetooth or Vice Versa

You can use the "turn on bluetooth" command to turn on bluetooth or "turn off bluetooth" for the opposite.

Enabling WiFi or Vice Versa

You can use the "turn on WiFi" command to turn on bluetooth or "turn off WiFi" to vice versa.

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Turn on Airplane Mode or Vice Versa

You can use the command "turn on flight mode" to turn on bluetooth or "turn off flight mode" for the other way around.

Changing the Screen Brightness

You can use the command "increase the brightness" or "decrease the brightness". You can also make it more specific with the commands "increase the brightness to 100" or "decrease the brightness to 17".

iPhones That Support Offline Siri

Note that not all iPhone models that get iOS 15 can use Siri offline. Apple limits only iPhones with the A12 Bionic chip or above that can use this feature. So only the 2018 output can use this feature.

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