4 Online Ruler Apps to Measure Objects Easily

 To measure an object, we usually use a ruler. Well, have you ever gone somewhere, want to measure something but forget to bring the ruler?

4 Online Ruler Apps to Measure Objects Easily

Fortunately, there is currently an online ruler that you can easily use through the site or through the application. Suitable to be an alternative when you forget to bring a ruler.

Well, if you want to try this online ruler too, here I will explain the application recommendations and how to use them.

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How to Use a Ruler Online

This online ruler site or application you can use easily. And it can be opened through PCs, laptops, and mobile phones.

The ruler will appear on the screen later, and you just need to put the object you want to measure on the front of the screen.

Here are the recommendations of the ruler and how to wear it:


The first virtual ruler provider site I recommend is Ursupplier. On this site, later you can get a virtual ruler with an extension of up to 46 cm.

In addition, the number of inches of the virtual ruler in this Ursupplier can also be adjusted according to taste.

Here's how to wear it:

  • First, open the browser and visit the Ursupplier Ruler website.
  • Later you will be redirected to the Real Size Ruler page.
  • Please place the object in front of the screen to measure its size.
  • Finish.

If you want to change the amount per inch, you can change the options in Graduation of an inch. Here the options start from 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32. Just adjust it to your needs.


Then there is the PiliApp site. The difference from before is the length of the virtual ruler supported by this site is only up to 30 cm.

Even so, the interesting point of this virtual ruler in PiliApp is that there is a feature to recognize the screen size you are using.

Here's how to wear it:

  • First, please visit the PiliApp website first.
  • Here will appear a virtual ruler, please paste the object you want to measure to the screen.
  • If you want to try the device's screen meter feature, you can tap the I Don't Know My Screen Size button at the bottom.
  • Well, a dialog box will appear along with the screen size of the device.
  • Done.

In addition to providing a virtual ruler tool, PiliApp also has a variety of other tools. Such as inch unit gauges, Stopwatches, Analog Clocks, and many others.


Just like before, Preciseruler only provides a ruler with a maximum length of up to 30 cm.

Although the length is standard, in Preciseruler you can change the usual ruler option to the L-square shape (L-shaped ruler).

Here's how to use it:

  • Please first visit the Preciseruler site in the browser.
  • A ruler will appear, please measure the object by passing it to the screen.
  • If you want to change the L shape ruler, click the L-square button.
  • Here the virtual ruler in Preciseruler will be like the following image.
  • Done.

By default, the virtual ruler in Precseruler uses cm units. But if you need, you can also change it to an inch.

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Using the App 

Aside from the site, on Handphone, there are now a variety of ruler applications that you can use to measure objects.

How to wear it is more or less not far from the previous one. Please follow these steps:

1. First, please install the Ruler application in the Playstore first.

2. When it is installed, open the application.

3. A virtual ruler will appear on the Phone screen. Please place the object you want to measure in front of the screen.

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