How to Use Twitch to Watch Streaming

 For the uninitiated, Twitch is one of the popular streaming platforms that are widely used abroad.

How to Use Twitch to Watch Streaming

Twitch is widely used by outside content creators and for the purpose of streaming e-sport events. For example, tournament games and so on.

Over time, Twitch has now begun to be also used by internet users in Indonesia.

And until now the number of users continues to grow. Well, if you are also interested in using Twitch, here I will explain the guide.

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How to Use Twitch

Twitch is available on two platforms. That is the application version and the site version. Actually here we can choose as we wish.

The difference is if on the site we do not need to log in account. We can still watch the stream even though we can't comment. While on HP, we must log in account first.

But especially here, what I explain is through HP. The reason, even if you have to log in, it will still be more practical on HP later.

Install Twitch App

First, you must install the Twitch application first through the Google Playstore (Android) or the App Store for those who use the iPhone.

Wait for the twitch app installation process on your phone to complete. If so, open the app.

Sign Up for Twitch Account

Once the Twitch app opens, you'll need to create an account first. To create one, you can tap the Sign-Up tab.

Fill out the registration form, such as Username, Password, Date of Birth, and Phone Number. If so, please tap the Sign Up button.

Make sure you fill in the phone number that is still active. Because you have to verify the account created, go through the verification code that will be sent to this number.

Verify your phone number on Twitch

Furthermore, you will be redirected to the HP number verification page. How you can follow the steps below:
  1. Please wait until Twitch sends the verification code via SMS.
  2. If you can, please enter the verification code into the available fields.
  3. Press the Submit button to confirm.
  4. If successful, an Account Verification notification will appear as below.

Start Watching Live Streaming on Twitch

If your Twitch account has been successfully verified, you can already use Twitch, one of which is to watch live streaming. In this way:

  1. Once successfully verified, you will be redirected to the user dashboard page. Please tap the Continue button on the start page.
  2. Then if you want to watch a particular game, you can tap the search icon at the top.
  3. Please enter the name of the game you want to watch, for example in this guide I want to watch Valorant.
  4. Here will appear some live streaming valorant games, tap on one of the content to select it.
  5. After selecting one of the content, please watch it immediately. If you want to give a message, type it in the Send a message field.
  6. Done.

It's more or less like that. If you usually use Youtube, you should have no trouble also using Twitch. Because it looks more or less similar.

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