How To Delete All Youtube Comments

Youtube comment fields can be a place for positive discussion, but they can also lead to conflicts due to disagreements.

If you feel you have ever made a sharp comment that seems less readable, deleting the comment can be an option.

But what if there are so many comments?

Here's how to delete all the comments and replies on Youtube you've ever made at once!

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How to quickly delete Youtube comments

  1. Go to youtube's Advanced settings page using a browser, then select Delete Channel.
  2. Delete Channel Youtube.
  3. You will be asked to enter your Google account password considering that this process is very sensitive to account security. Click Next to continue.
  4. Select the I want to hide my channel option.
  5. Then check all available options, click and Hide My Channel.
  6. Finally, click Hide My Content and wait for the process.

The above steps are the fastest way to delete Youtube comments. Don't worry, all videos, like lists, subscriptions, channel names, and other information can still come back.

So, this method is purely to delete comments and replies only.

Here's how to reactivate your Youtube channel

  • Sign in to Youtube (Google)
  • Go to the create channel page and then click Create Channel
  • Your Youtube channel is now back (except for comments because they have been deleted)

Have a question? The following list might help you!

Can I use Youtube without a channel?

As long as your channel is hidden, you can still enjoy video content as usual. It's just that if you want to create playlists, upload videos, and comment, you will be directed first to create (activate) a Youtube channel.

Oh yes, you can still subscribe to your favorite channel and receive video feeds based on activity.

Who should delete Youtube comments?

Anyone who wants it 🙂

Whether it's retiring from the world of Youtube to just wanting to improve the reputation of the many negative comments that have been posted.

In addition, it is no secret for companies to check the online accounts of prospective employees to see their true character in cyberspace.

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So, if you are going to apply for a job and do not want to be stopped because of negative comments, immediately delete the comments.

I just want to delete certain comments, but don't remember the video. Any solution?

You can take advantage of the Youtube Comment History page that displays all the comments and replies on Youtube that you have made.

To delete it, click the vertical three-dot icon in the comments section and then select Delete. Select Delete once again to confirm.

This method deletes comments one by one. It is not suitable if you have a lot of comments.

That's how to delete all Youtube comments. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send them through the comments field.

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