How to Find and View Your Own Comments on Youtube

 When you see interesting content on YouTube, it sometimes makes us want to write comments. Either the comment is a response or a question from something we don't understand.

Well, for those who don't know, every comment on Youtube we can see and edit back as you want. It could even be for old comments as well.

Here I will explain how to make the uninitiated. How to see our comments on Youtube.

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How to View Your Own Comments on YouTube

The longer we use Youtube, generally the more comments that have been made.

Looking for comments manually will certainly be complicated. Well, the way I will explain here is simpler. Here are the steps:

1. Go to YouTube Settings

The first step, you need to open your YouTube settings first. How to open Youtube, tap the Profile icon at the top right.

Later there will be several options that you can choose from. Well, here please select the Settings menu.

2. Search for Activity Manager Features

Once you're on the YouTube settings page, you'll need to search for the Activity Manager menu. The steps, such as the following:

  • Please select the History & Privacy menu.
  • Then tap Manage All Activities.
  • Later you will be redirected to Google Chrome, here please tap the Interaction tab and select View Comments.

3. Check Your Own YouTube Comments

If so, here all your comments will be displayed. For example, like the picture above, where I once sent a comment on February 27.

How to Find a Specific Comment

In a video on Youtube, generally, the number of comments will be very large. Especially if the views reach hundreds of thousands to millions, there are usually at least a few thousand comments.

Well, looking for certain comments among the many comments will certainly be very difficult. Here you can use the search feature of the browser.

With a note, this feature is only available on the Youtube version of the site. It's not in the app version yet. For the following method:

  1. First, please search for the YouTube content you want to see first.
  2. Then press the Ctrl + F key on the keyboard and enter the sentence you want to search for. For example, here I want to find a comment that discusses RAM.
  3. Please press Enter, you will be directly directed to some comments that contain the word RAM.
  4. Finish. Comments will be found.
  5. This method can also be done through HP. For example, in Google Chrome, just go to the triple point menu, and then select the Search option.

Why Not Find the Comment You're Looking for?

If you have ever found a unique comment or the like, but when searched for the comment does not exist, there are two possibilities.

This comment will not just go away on its own. First, it could be that the comment was deleted by the channel owner. And second, it could be that the comment has been deleted by the author.

Once deleted, the comment will disappear permanently. And you won't be able to see it again even if it's been searched.

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