Easy Ways How to Create and Use Tags in Youtube Videos

Uploading videos on Youtube can be said to be quite easy. The process itself can be done through a PC or through a phone.

Speaking of this upload, while setting the video you want to publish, we will find a tag column that can be set.

For those of you who are confused about what the function of tags on Youtube is, should we add and how to use them, here I will discuss.

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What is Tag on Youtube?

Tags on Youtube is a feature that serves to allow you to add a word or sentence to the description of the video being uploaded.

This tag serves to make the video more descriptive. So it describes what kind of content you are creating.

Tags on Youtube are usually selected according to the theme of the content. For example, if you discuss how to make a Shorts video on Youtube, then the tags that can be entered are "shorts" "Youtube shorts video" and so on.

Tags themselves are not mandatory to add. But if you want a better video, tags can be used. Because tags can also make it easier for viewers to find similar content themes.

How to Add Tags on Youtube

As mentioned earlier, tags on Youtube can be added when you are uploading new videos to Youtube.

Please follow these steps if you don't know yet:

  1. First, please open Youtube first. Then log in to Youtube Studio to start adding new content.
  2. On the Youtube Studio page, please click Upload Video.
  3. Next press the Select File button.
  4. Find the video you want to upload and click the Open menu.
  5. Enter the Title and Description as you wish, and according to the theme of the video.
  6. Click the Show More menu at the bottom.
  7. Enter multiple tags in the Tags column. If so, click the Next button.
  8. Finally, please click Publish to add the video to the Youtube channel.
  9. Done.

The above is specifically to add tags in the content you just want to upload.

Those of you who want to add tags in videos that have already been published can also. The trick is to please search for the content, then click the Video Details menu.

You will be redirected to the video page. Continue to click Show More than please enter the video tag you want.

If so, you can save the video. The tag will be saved in the video.

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What is the Maximum Tag on Youtube?

On Youtube, you can add tags up to 500 words. So for many, it can be about 10 to 15 tags in one video content (depending on the word length of each tag).

Although you can add a lot of tags, it is recommended to use relevant tags only.

Because the tags are relevant, it will make the video more maximal. And you don't have to force all the tags in.

If the relevant one is only 3 to 6 tags, then it is enough. No need to add any more.

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