How to Change Language in CapCut App Easily

When talking about video editor applications, of course, now there are enough. One of the most popular is CapCut.

This application can be said to be quite a trend. The reason is that besides being easy to use, this application is also developed by ByteDance which is a TikTok developer.

Just like other applications, CapCut has a wide variety of features that can be used. Starting from the editing process to the interface menu.

One of them is that we can change the language in CapCut as we wish. The way is as I will explain here.

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How to Change Language in CapCut

By default, when you just install the CapCut application, usually the language that is directly used is English. But not infrequently also, some phones will go directly to the Indonesian.

For example, maybe less accustomed to using English, you can later change to Indonesian. Or vice versa, you can change from Indonesian to England.

Well, here are the steps to change the language in CapCut.

1. Go to CapCut Settings

First, please open the CapCut app first. On the CapCut start page, you can directly tap the Settings icon at the top.

It should be noted, on the old CapCut version and the new CapCut version, there may be a difference in appearance. In the guide here I use the new version of CapCut.

2. Select App Language Settings

Next, there will be some CapCut settings that you can set. To make language changes, you can select the App Language menu or App Language.

3. Change Application Language

In this step, you can choose the language as you wish. Just set it to a different language than before.

My CapCut example uses English. Since I wanted to change to Indonesian, then I set it to Indonesia, then tapped Done.

4. Make sure the CapCut Language is Replaced

Finally, you can go back to the capcut start page. Then see if the language of the CapCut application has been successfully replaced or not. Finish.

Capcut Supports Any Language?

Languages supported by the CapCut application, currently very much. Two commonly used in our own country are Indonesian and England.

Well, if you want to change to another language, you can check the list of languages supported by the following CapCut application:

  • Indonesian
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • And there are many others.

This language will continue to increase its support along with updates provided by CapCut developers. So if there is a language that you want to set up but is not available, just make sure capcut always you update regularly.

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