How to Use Reels feature on Instagram

 As we know, nowadays short videos are very liked by many people. No wonder, many large platforms already provide a place where we can watch short videos.

How to Use Reels feature on Instagram

Examples such as TikTok, and Youtube Shorts, and if you usually use Instagram, there is also a Reels feature.

This Reels feature is intended so that everyone who uses Instagram can create or watch video content that is there.

For more details on the Reels feature and how to watch reels on Instagram, here I will explain how to use reels on Instagram.

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What are Instagram Reels?

Reels is a feature of Instagram that serves to share short video content.

Initially, the duration of Instagram Reels was only 15 seconds. But now it has been developed to 60 seconds.

In this short duration, you can creatively modify the content of Instagram Reels. For example, such as adding filters, audio, effects, or some other creative tools on Instagram.

Not only does it provide a variety of features. Instagram can also bring up your Reels content in Explorer if the short video is made interesting, similar to FYP TikTok.

In addition, the latest version of Instagram also provides special features Explorer Reels. So if you want to directly look at short videos, you can open the Explorer Reels tab.

How to Use Reels on Instagram

Using the Facebook Reels app feature on Instagram can be said to be very easy. If you don't know yet, here I will explain the steps on how to post reels on Instagram.

  1. First, please go to Instagram and tap the Add Content icon.
  2. Then select Reel.
  3. Find the first video, set the duration, and tap Add.
  4. Before tapping Add, you can add Audio and effects to the video you want to upload to the reel.
  5. Next look for the second video, set the duration, and then tap Add back.
  6. If you have, please add music, text, and stickers. Then press the Next button
  7. Enter a Description and tap the Next button.
  8. A notification will appear, where you just tap the Share button.
  9. Finally, wait until the Reel upload process is successful.
  10. Done.

Now your Reel has been successfully shared. As mentioned earlier, if you want to find references or make Reel more interesting, you can try to open the explorer feature and open the creative tools provided by Instagram.

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How Long Is Reels Duration?

As I mentioned earlier, initially Instagram reels only support Reel for up to 15 seconds for 1 content.

But in the latest version today, the Reel feature already allows you to share videos with a duration of 60 d ethics or more.

The point is that you can create a Reel with that duration. In the future, there is also a possibility that Instagram will provide a Reel feature with a longer duration.

For example, 90 seconds and so on. My advice is don't to forget to keep updating your Instagram reels app if it is available on the Playstore or App Store.

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