4 Step How to Delete Call History on Instagram

Instagram is mostly used as social media in general. In addition, Instagram is not infrequently also used for chatting.

Well, that's not all, now the call feature is also popular on Instagram. You can call and even make video calls with friends on Instagram.

If you are used to using this call feature, surely you know that Instagram will leave a call history.

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What is Instagram Call History?

Instagram call history is a history of caller lists or when you call someone on the Instagram app.

In short, every time there is a call or you finish making a call on Instagram, the history will be saved. Generally, this history can be seen in Instagram's Direct Message (DM) feature.

Unfortunately in this DM feature, both messages and call history on Instagram cannot be deleted individually.

Instead, you have to delete the message completely all messages in the DM with friends on Instagram so that the call history is also deleted.

How to Delete Call History on Instagram

As I have explained, if the call history on Instagram is not you can delete. Unless you delete a friend's message on Instagram in its entirety.

For those who really want to delete it, please follow these steps.

1. Open Instagram Direct Message

In the first step, you need to open the Instagram app first. Once you're on your Instagram start page, you can tap the Direct Message icon at the top.

A little note, in this guide, I already use the latest version of Instagram. If there is a difference in appearance, you can try updating Instagram first.

2. Open a Message From Someone

If so, please find a message from someone who has a call history. Then you can press the message to bring up some menu commands.

3. Delete Instagram Messages

Next, some menu commands on Instagram will appear at the bottom. Since you want to delete it, please just select the Delete option directly.

4. Confirm Delete Message

Later there will be a confirmation dialog box with the message "Permanently Delete Chat?" on your phone screen.

You can tap the Delete option again to confirm the deletion of messages and call history on Instagram.

After confirming the deletion, your messages with friends on Instagram will disappear.

Oh yes, if there is a call history from a different message, you can repeat this way to delete it.

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Instagram Call History Deletion Record

For those of you who want to delete the call history, you must make sure you are absolutely sure. Because of what you delete, it's not just called history.

But your entire message (DM) with friends on Instagram will also be deleted. It's good, if you have an important message you can screenshot it first before deleting it.

Deletion, the deleted message will not be able to be returned again.

Including if there are media such as images, links, and others on a message. These media will disappear as well when you delete them.

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