How to Open a Bin File on a PC or Laptop Easily

There are various types of file extensions that we often encounter, one of which is BIN. Usually this BIN file you can get when downloading data such as applications, games, or DVDs.

How to Open a Bin File on a PC or Laptop Easily

How to Open a Bin File on a PC or Laptop Easily - Unlike extensions in general, this BIN file is quite unique. The reason is because this file cannot be opened directly through the computer, but must use certain applications.

Well, for those of you who may be curious to know the contents of the file of the BIN type. Here I will explain in full.

What is File Bin?

BIN stands for Binary file. Is a file containing information about data in the form of images, videos, audio, applications, games or CD images that are put together.

Although it stores data information like files in general, this BIN extension cannot be opened directly. Usually, it can only be opened through the CD burn process or with a Virtual DVD.

Once successfully opened, you can later extract the BIN file. So that the contents of the files in the BIN extension, you can access them easily later.

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How to Open BIN Files on PC / Laptop

As explained earlier, to open this BIN file you need to have a Virtual DVD application. For example, PowerISO.

In addition to PowerISO, there are also others, for example, UltraISO, Daemon Tools and so on. Well, for more details, here is a tutorial that you can follow.

1. Open PowerISO

For this guide, I used the PowerISO app. If you want to use the same application, you can first download the application through the PowerISO (poweriso.com) website.

After downloading the PowerISO application, please install it as usual. If the application is installed, you can open the PowerISO again.

2. Search bin files

If PowerISO is already open on your computer, then you can directly tap the Open menu in the top taskbar.

Later File Explorer will appear, and you can find a folder to put the BIN file first. Then you can select the BIN file you want to open as you wish.

Once you have selected it, please just click the Open button to open it in PowerISO.

3. BIN File Successfully Opened

Continue, wait a while for the BIN file to open. More or less later all files compiled in the BIN extension will appear as shown above.

For example in this BIN file, there is an NPK file. For those who don't know, this NPK file is a software file extension that serves to install updates to the router.

Oh yes, if you want to extract files that are already open this can also. Just click the Extract button, and then select the destination folder as you wish.

Later, all files that have been opened in PowerISO will be extracted and can be accessed directly by you.

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