How to See Last Seen on Instagram Easily

 For those of you who often use Instagram, you must have seen the last time your friend was on IG online. Especially for those of you who often chat via Instagram.

The time displayed, usually in the form of text and providing information online a few hours ago. Simply put, it is similar to the last seen feature in WhatsApp.

Regarding this feature, there may be those who don't know how to see it yet. Therefore, through this discussion, I will explain how to see the last seen on Instagram in full.

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How to See Last Seen on Instagram

If you are using Instagram for the first time, you can see this good feature by opening DM (Direct Message). Then find a friend that you can send a message to, later the last viewed text will appear.

Here's more:

1. First, please go to Instagram and tap the DM (Direct Message) icon.

2. Next, look for the contact you want to see when it was last online.

3. If you have, the last online text notification will appear under the Instagram username. For example, in this guide, the contact I contacted was active about 6 minutes ago.

For those who are online, there will usually appear a green round sign in the profile photo section of Instagram users.

4. Done.

This last seen feature can appear on all Instagram accounts that activate it.

So you don't have to follow first, but those that are not followed can also be seen when the last online.

Unless another account does not enable this last viewed feature. Or the account you want to see has blocked you, so notifications from this feature won't appear either.

How to Avoid Being Seen Online on Instagram

This last viewed feature has been set by default to be active when you use Instagram. 

But if you don't want others to know when you were last online, this feature can still be set to be turned off.

The way is more clear, such as the following:

1. First go to the Instagram Profile tab and tap the More Options icon.

2. Next select the Settings menu.

3. Search for Privacy settings.

4. After that, please tap the Activity Status option.

5. In the Show Activity Status section, please turn off the option by sliding the toggle to the left.

6. Done.

Once set up, you can see it by using another account. Whether this last viewed feature is still active in your primary account or not.

Oh yes, in addition. If you turn off this feature, then you also can't see the activity status of your friend's account.

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Can Instagram See When The Last Message Was Read?

In addition to being able to see when your friend last went online, Instagram also provides a feature to find out when messages were read.

Then When your message is read, a "Just Seen" notification will appear."

If the message has been read for a long time, then the message will also follow when the message is opened. But usually, only show the day.

The above is a way that you can use to see when you last saw it on Instagram.

In addition, you can also use the above methods to disable the last feature in view in the Instagram application.

This feature can be adjusted according to your wishes.

Suppose you want your privacy to be maintained, then you can disable this one feature.

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