5 Easy Ways How To Fix Telegram App Running Slow

For those who usually use Telegram, may have experienced problems where Telegram feels slow when used.

5 Easy Ways How To Fix Telegram App Runing Slow

This condition can certainly interfere with activities, such as when we want to open a message, call someone, store data and others.

Well, for those of you who want to make the Telegram application that is used as usual again, of course it is very possible. Here I will explain the guide.

Causes of Slow Telegram

Before entering the discussion, there are several reasons why Telegram can be slow that you should know. Among them:

  • Let chats stack up and never be deleted
  • Too many join groups, especially those whose groups are crowded
  • Too many file downloads, either intentionally or unintentionally (Auto Download feature is on)
  • Never clear telegram cache and data
  • Still using the old version of Telegram

How to Overcome Slow Telegram

There are many solutions that can be tried to overcome slow Telegram. Well, specifically here I discuss in 5 ways only. Please check. Don't forget to also do a Telegram backup if needed.

Delete Unneeded Chats

If you include frequently using Telegram, of course there will be many chats stored in this application.

Well, one way to overcome slow Telegram, is that you can delete old or unneeded chats.

Here's how to delete a chat on Telegram:

  • Please open Telegram, and then search for the chat you want to delete.
  • Next tap the chat and select the Delete icon.
  • If there is a notification, please tap Delete Chat to confirm the deletion.
  • Finish.

Leave Inactive Group

In addition to deleting chats, you can also leave groups that are no longer active or no longer needed.

This solution is arguably more recommended than before. Especially for crowded groups, which every time there is an incoming chat can certainly make Telegram becomes heavier.

Here's how to exit a Telegram group:

Please open Telegram, and then find a group that you are no longer active.
Then please press the group and tap the Delete icon.
Later a dialog box will appear, please just tap the Group Exit option to confirm.

Update Telegram Regularly

Most Telegram users, do not update the application very often. Though this is highly recommended.

The reason is, by using the latest version of Telegram, the use of the application will be optimized to be lighter. Plus there are also a variety of new features.

To update the telegram version itself can be done as usual. You just have to go to the Playstore, then search for Telegram and tap the Update button.

Disable Auto Download

Telegram has an Auto Download feature to store files such as audio, video, documents, stickers and so on automatically.

Well, please note, these files if stored in large quantities on HP, will indirectly slow down the Telegram application.

So it is recommended to disable this Auto Download feature only. How:

  • In the Telegram app, please tap the More Options icon.
  • Then select the Settings option.
  • Then please select data and storage settings.
  • Disable all options in the Auto Media Download section.

Clear Telegram Data and Cache

The longer Telegram is used, the more data and cache will accumulate. Well, this can slow down the application.

Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly delete this data and cache. The method is as follows:

  • Open More Options on Telegram, select Settings and then select Data and Storage.
  • Next, tap the Storage Usage menu.
  • Tap the Clear Cache option.
  • Telegram cache statistics will appear later, please tap Clear Cache to confirm deletion. Then wait until the Cache notification appears deleted.

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