3 Steps to Registering OpenSea to Upload NFT

 Another one that is viral, namely there are people who upload selfies and you will get paid in the form of NFT.

3 Langkah Cara Daftar OpenSea Agar Bisa Upload Foto Selfie NFT

How to Register OpenSea In Order to Upload Selfie Photos NFT - Recently all Indonesians are being horrified by the existence of people who can earn money by just uploading their own photos and getting paid in the form of crypto money.

Internet users are horrified by a person who sells NFT works in the form of selfies that can cost up to billions of rupiah.

A man named Ghozali Everyday is one of the internet user who use NFT to sell his personal selfies.

The above is one way to make money online that you can do to make money.

So what is NFT and why bring in Money?

NFT itself is a non-fungible token which is a digital asset in the form of artwork.

NFT is part of the distributed database (blockchain) that underpins the cryptocurrency Etherium (ETH).

NFT is a slightly different token because NFT is an asset categorized as a rare collection and there is only one in the world.

NFT itself is categorized as rare because the collection cannot be exchanged with other works of the same value.

Although it is difficult to digest but now there are many influencers who have NFT and one of them is Reza Arab, Chef Arnold, and many more.

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How to Get NFT

But here I'm not going to talk about people who already have NFT.

Newbie will give you how to get NFT, one of which is with a medium called OpenSea.

What is opensea?

OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFT developed by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in 2017.

OpenSea uses the Ethereum protocol with erc-721 and ERC-1155 standards. 

The NFT platform offered by this platform is pharmacasi, but the most widely used by users is the artist's artwork service.

How to Register OpenSea

For friends who are interested in getting cuan from OpenSea from the artwork of all friends.

Newbie will give you the steps below.

Download Metamask

For this first step, you can first download the Metamask crypto currency wallet here.

This crypto wallet is the same as Indodax or tokocrypto that we know in Indonesia.

Metamask is one of the most famous and most popular wallets out there and you can use it as a wallet for your income in opensea.

Download OpenSea

If you access www.opensea.com and try to register, but apparently can't or have difficulty.

It turns out that for the opensea list you have to connect the login in the metamask before you can login to OpenSea.

For that it is easier to register through your smartphone than through a website.

To make it easier to register for OpenSea, you can download OpenSea first here

Associate Metamask Account With Opensea

If you have downloaded the metamask wallet and also downloaded opensea on your android or iOS smartphone.

Next you just link your metamask account with the opensea application that you have installed on your smartphone.

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Or you can go to the browser in the metamask with the steps below

3 Steps to Registering OpenSea to Upload NFT Selfies

Tap the three-line mark as in the picture above

3 Steps to Registering OpenSea to Upload NFT Selfies

Tap browser

3 Steps to Registering OpenSea to Upload NFT Selfies

Type opensea.io

3 Steps to Registering OpenSea to Upload NFT Selfies

Press create

Next you can upload the photo you want to sell in order to get NFT tokens and you liquidate into rupiah.

So long ago newbie tutorial this time with the title How to Register OpenSea In Order to Upload NFT Selfie Photos.

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