How to Register MetaMask To Store ETH

 Metamask is a trusted place site that you can use to store your crypto money so that your money is not lost as if you store it on the computer you us

How to Register MetaMask To Store ETH

How to Register MetaMask Easily - Metamask is one of the wallets that you can use to store crypto coin money that you make from mining.

But not only from the mining process, it turns out that now the cryptocurrency money has been traded just like we exchange our money to foreign currency.

To exchange crypto currency we need media such as a bank in the offline world and one of the media that you can use is Metamask which is an online wallet for crypto currencies.

Metamask itself is very calculating to store coins in the form of Ethereum which means you can only store and exchange in this form of currency only.

Metamask itself is available on Android Smartphones, iPhone iOS, and also firefox browser extension and chrome.

You yourself can choose more easily which online media you want to use to register metamask.

For those of you who want to sign up for metamask and are still confused, newbie will give you steps how to register metamask

Download Metamask

Metamask itself has several options that you can choose for you to use on a laptop such as in extention for brave browser, edge, chrome, and firefox that you can download here.

But there is also a metamask application in the form of android APK and iPhone iOS that you can download here.

How to list Metamask

After we have installed metamask in the browser or on our Smartphone, but we do not know how to register and also use metamask.

You can follow the steps that newbies will give below.
  • Download and install metamask from the link I have given above.
  • After you finish installing you will be taken to the main page of metamask
  • Click get started.
  • To create a new account, you can simply select create a wallet and click Agree
How to Register MetaMask To Store ETH
  • Next is to enter the password that you will use to login. Ulagi again password in the confirm section.
How to Register MetaMask To Store ETH

  • Check the term of use column and click the Create button.
  • You will be directed to the Secreat Recovery Phrase page which contains the seed phrase that you must keep and keep secret.
How to Register MetaMask To Store ETH
  • Copy the seed phrase and store it in a safe place. click next when you're done.
  • Repeat the phrase seed to confirm.
  • If true, then your MetaMask account is done.
  • Next click All Done and finish.
How to Register MetaMask To Store ETH
You need to remember that the 12 phrases that are phrase seeds that you get are very important to store and keep secret because later it will serve to access your crypto wallet in various browsers.

What if 12 phrases are missing?

If it is lost then you will not be able to access or restore your wallet.

So newbies suggest these 12 phrases should not be lost.

In addition, metamask can also be used to register with OpenSea so you can sell NFT photos there.

So long ago the steps that newbies give in the article Easy, Here's How to Register MetaMask To Save ETH

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