How to Easily Change The Language on Netflix As You Want

Netflix is quite widely used for movie streaming needs. Not only is the movie complete, but also Netflix is arguably up-to-date.

Netflix itself has a wide variety of features. One of them is that it allows you to change the display language, to subtitles on movies.

Well, not a few new Netflix users who do not know about this feature. Not a few also have difficulty when they want to set the language. For that, here I will explain the guide.

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How to Change Netflix language

By default, Netflix uses English in its appearance. If you are not used to using English, you can change it to Indonesian through settings.

Or later you can adjust it yourself. Because in addition to Indonesia there are actually many other languages as well.

Netflix supports more than 30 languages. Here's how to change the language in Netlix:

Sign in to your Netflix Account

First, please go to the Netflix site and go to the login page. After that, please enter the email and password from your Netflix account. If so, click the Sign In button.

Go to Account Settings

Next, you need to go to the account settings first. How to click the profile icon and click the Account option.

Select Language Menu

Once you're redirected to Netflix settings, you can swipe down and search for the Profile & Parental Controls column.

If you have, click your profile and tap Change in the Language menu.

Change Display Language

You will be redirected to the Display Language page. Please click the Indonesian option to change the appearance of the language.

Later automatically all Netflix menus or views will be changed to Indonesian.
Note: In this setting, there is actually also a menu to set subtitles. But since not all movies support the subtitles you choose, you should just change it when watching the video.

How to Change the Language of Video Subtitles on Netflix

As I mentioned just now, to change the subtitle language on Netflix, it's best to do it when you're just watching the movie.

In addition to subtitles, Netflix also allows you to change the dubbing of the video. For more details, please follow these steps:

Find the Movie You Want to Watch

First, please find the movie you want to watch first. You can search through the search field at the top.

Click the Subtitle Icon

Once the movie opens, there will be several menus in it. Well, you can click the Subtitle icon at the bottom to be able to change the language of the movie.

Change to Indonesian

Here there are two options open, namely Audio to set dubbing and subtitles to change the language.

For example here, I want to use dubbing from Japan, so I chose Japanese in the audio section. As for the subtitles, I use Indonesian.

For audio and subtitles, this will depend on the availability of Netflix. For example, not all movies are available dubbing and Subtitle Indonesia. And you can choose as you wish.

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