How to Add a Social Media Icon on TikTok Profile

 In addition to creating videos, TikTok creators also now mostly add their own social media on tiktok profile pages.

The purpose of the addition of this social media is none other than to increase followers. Be it followers on Instagram, Twitter to youtube channel subscribers.

For you, tiktok creator content who has not tried this feature will be a pity. Therefore, please follow the guidelines that will be explained.

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How to Add a Social Media Account on TikTok

Oh yes, for those who don't know, social media on TikTok will be a small icon on the profile page.

If opened, automatically the icon will enter social media as we set. It can be a personal social media account, Youtube channel, and others.

It depends on your own needs later. For how to create it, please follow the following tutorial.

1. Go to the profile page

The first step you have to do is to open the TikTok app first. Once TikTok is opened, you can directly tap the Profile tab at the bottom.

You will be redirected to your account profile page. Next, you can tap the Edit Profile button to continue the process.

2. Choose Social Media

After that, please check the Social column on the Edit Profile page. You can choose one of the social media that you want to add first.

For example, if you want to add Instagram, then you have to tap the Instagram menu.

3. Social Media Login

Here you will be redirected to the Instagram login page. Please enter your username and password according to your Instagram account and tap the Login button.

Then please check Profile Information and tap Allow to confirm the addition of an Instagram account to Tikok.

If you want to add other social media, such as YouTube and Twitter, please repeat this way.

4. Make Sure Social Media Is Added Successfully

Here you will be redirected again to the profile account page. Then an Instagram icon will appear next to the Edit Profile button.

If you want to see whether the added social media has been successfully connected or not, please tap the Instagram icon.

After that, TikTok will show you all your social media that are already connected to the account. For example in the picture, I've added Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

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Benefits of Adding a Social Media Account on TikTok

For TikTok content creators, there are some benefits that can be obtained, by adding the social media they have to the TikTok profile page.

Among them are like:

  • Make your TikTok account profile more complete
  • Make it easy for followers to search for your social media accounts
  • Make it easy for TikTok followers to follow your social media
  • It's easier to do Q&A with followers
  • Maintaining popularity so that it is always known to followers
  • Add followers on social media quickly
  • And many more.

With these various benefits, it's no wonder that now almost all TikTok creator content, especially those with high followers, has added their own social media to TikTok.

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