How to See Status is Online or Not on TikTok

Now there is quite a variety of social media that you can choose and use. Generally, each social media has its own uniqueness.

One of the most commonly encountered is the feature to see the status of other people's accounts is online or not.

Well, for those who usually use TikTok, the question is does TikTok have this feature? Then how do I see people who are online on TikTok? Here's a look at the explanation.

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How to View Online Status on TikTok

By default, TikTok does not have the feature to see the status of others who are online or not.

Nonetheless, there are several other alternative ways that you can try. That is by sending a message to the account owner, making comments, and via live.

Via Chat

First you can try contacting others on TikTok, by sending a message or chat. After the message is sent, the person will usually get a notification immediately.

If he is online, then the message will usually be read and replied to. For those who don't know how to send the message, please follow these steps:

  • First, please find the TikTok account you want to check first.
  • If you have, please tap the triple-dot icon at the top.
  • Then select the Send Message menu.
  • Finally, please enter the message as you wish and tap the Send icon.
  • Done.

Written messages can be free. For example, asking for news and so on. With a note do not abbreviate the message yes.

Through Livestreaming

Besides being able to share content, TikTok also allows content creators to live stream.

When someone is live streaming, that person is automatically online also on TikTok.

If you are one of the followers, when a friend is live streaming, you will get a notification.

But if not, you can check the TikTok profile of the creator's content. There live streaming will be found.

A little extra, not all TikTok users can Livestream. Especially for new TikTok users.

Because there are several terms and conditions of live streaming on TikTok that must be met.

Comments on Content

Finally, you can leave a comment on a friend's content that you want to know if they are online or not.

Just like before, for example, such as asking for news, discussing content, and so on. If immediately replied, indicate your friend is online on TikTok.

How to comment can be checked below:

  • Open the TikTok app first as usual.
  • Find a friend's account and select the content you want to comment on, then tap the Comment icon.
  • After that, the comment field will open immediately. Please comment as you wish.
  • Done.

It is recommended to look for content whose number of views is still small. So that your friend who gets a comment notification, knows who sent it is you.

Because if the view is a lot, automatically usually the number of comments is also a lot.

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