How to Change Region on iPhone

When you want to change countries, you also need to update your iPhone by adjusting the owner's region. Doing so is easy, but the implications are a bit more complex.

The region on the iPhone is installed following the region/country where you live. Because this region will affect the features, content, and services available. For example, not all apps and movies are available for all countries — Apple itself also provides different services in each country, the list of which you can see here.

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Things to do before changing regions

  • Cancel all subscriptions. Because there may be differences in the services provided in the new region. If you feel it is suitable, then you can resubscribe when you have changed regions.
  • Spend your balance on your Apple ID.
  • Download apps or media (music, movies, TV, and more). Because some of the types of content you currently have may not be available in the new region.
  • Have a valid payment method in the new region later.

Changing regions on iPhone

  • Open setting
  • Tap your Apple ID banner at the top.
  • Tap the Media & Purchases option.
  • Tap the View Account option.
  • Tap the Country/Region option.
  • Tap the Change Country or Region option.
  • Select the Country you want.
  • Tap the Agree option on the Terms & Conditions screen.

If the process fails and the region on the iPhone has not changed, make sure you check again the things that need to be done before changing regions. Cancel all subscriptions, cancel pre-orders, have a valid payment method. In certain cases, you may also need to opt out of Family Sharing (if applicable).

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