iOS 15: How to Use Visual Lookup in Photos

In iOS 15, Apple provided a feature called Visual Lookup in the Photos app. Almost the same as the EXIF metadata feature, but Visual Lookup will display the information displayed on the photo.

Using Visual Lookup in Photos

  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Open one of the existing photo sets.
  3. Tap on the info icon (i). You need to know, that if there is no star effect on the info icon, then there is no Visual Lookup on the photo.
  4. Tap the Visual Lookup icon that appears on the photo.
  5. Will show Siri search results from the photo, the search results can be related information or similar images.
  6. Done.

So this Visual Lookup feature can identify animals, landmarks, plants, books, art, and other objects that are displayed in the photo.

You need to know that Visual Lookup can't work on all photos, at least for now. This is because this machine learning-based feature takes time to adapt. To make Visual Lookup easier when identifying photos, you can try to take pictures with objects centered in the middle.

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