How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone

Tired of ringtones that are on the iPhone? or want to use one of your favorite songs as a ringtone? if so, then you can see the offers on the Tone Store from Apple.

Apple itself offers the Tone Store — which is part of the iTunes Store — for users who want to buy ringtones or tone alerts. 

Where each of them is sold at a price of IDR 7 thousand for ringtones and IDR 5 thousand for tone alerts.

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Buy Ringtones on iPhone

  • Open the iTunes Store.
  • Tap the Tones option at the bottom.
  • Here you will find a list of songs that you can use as ringtones or alert tones. If you're looking for a specific song, you can use tap Search at the bottom. Tap on one of the song previews if you want to run the song.
  • Tap on the title of the song if you want to display more detailed information.
  • To buy it, tap on the price of an existing song. Then choose whether you want to make it as Ringtone or Alert Tone. Or it can also use it for certain contacts.
  • Finally, confirm the payment by entering your Apple ID password or using Touch / Face ID authentication.

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