How to Delete WhatsApp Account on iPhone

 WhatsApp is one of the globally renowned chat applications. Despite being the most popular service in terms of communication, it is possible that someone wants to delete their WhatsApp account, for example, because they want to switch platforms, or because they don't like the existing privacy policy

However, deleting the WhatsApp application from the iPhone does not delete the data in it. No need to worry, this article will explain how you can delete the data on your WhatsApp account permanently.

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Deleting WhatsApp Account on iPhone

  1. Open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Tap Settings in the right corner
  3. Tap the Account option
  4. Tap the Delete Account option.
  5. Enter the mobile number that you are using, then tap the Delete My Account option.

After the process is complete, your account will be deleted. Although the WhatsApp application is still present on the iPhone.

What happens when your WhatsApp account is deleted?

  1. WhatsApp will delete all conversations, and iCloud backup.
  2. Your account info, such as profile photo and bio, will be deleted.
  3. Messages such as text, media, and previously sent documents will not be affected and can be accessed by message recipients.

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