How To Fix iPhone not charging? A toothpick can help...

 iPhone not charging? A toothpick can help... Do you still know Apple's "Mighty Mouse" with the ball on the top? The product quickly accumulated dirt residue at this point, so you had to take the mouse apart regularly to clean the trackball. 

How To Fix iPhone not charging? A toothpick can help...

With the iPhone, of course, it's not quite as bad. But also the Lightning connector on the bottom collects dirt and grime over time.

If you just bought the iPhone new and get it out of the box, you will still experience clean contact when you connect the Lightning cable. It almost makes "click". 

But at least you notice when plugging in that the cable does not simply flood in.

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Over time, dirt accumulates

Of course, this changes over time. Many of us carry smartphones in our pockets. It is teeming with lint and crumbs, and even in everyday life adheres to the device, and adheres to the connection further dirt. 

Over time, your iPhone may even fail to charge properly because the contacts between the cable and the jack are dirty.

And just as you might do spring cleaning at home once a year, you can also give your Lightning port on your iPhone a little cleaning. 

A utensil that is predestined for this is a toothpick. With it, you can do little damage and at the same time "reel" a lot of dust and dirt from the port.

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Clean the Lightning connector with the toothpick

After working the connector with the tooth for a while, when you plug in the Lightning cable, you will most likely hear that subtle "click" again when the metal plug slips into the jack.

In any case, even if you treat your iPhone rather carefully, you will be amazed at how much dirt still accumulates in the socket over time.

Do you clean your iPhone sometimes? What tips for care can you give us and the other readers?

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