Do Not Consume Data Volume With The iPhone in Wi-Fi

 Apple but also other smartphone manufacturers support a feature with which you can more or less manage a smooth switch between Wi-Fi and mobile network. 

If you are walking around in the garden at home and the home Wi-Fi network is not very easy to reach, the smartphone could fall back on the mobile network. 

Apple calls this Wi-Fi support. But maybe bad Wi-Fi reception in the garden is enough for you and you don't want to use up your traffic from the mobile phone contract. 

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We'll explain what you need to do.

By default, Wi-Fi support is now switched on on the iPhone. If you think about it, you may not need it at all. And even if you think you need the support, you can put it to the test.

Stealth traffic consumption through Wi-Fi support

Although you may still be within range of your own WLAN, it may happen that your smartphone decides to use the UMTS or LTE network. Algorithms are – roughly speaking – to blame.

But if you don't care about a "bad" connection to your home Wi-Fi, you can save on data consumption. We'll show you how.

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Control data consumption of Wi-Fi support

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Navigate to the item "Mobile network". There you can already see if the Wi-Fi support is switched on, and if so, how much data volume it has consumed. To do this, scroll down far. Depending on how many apps you have installed, scrolling will take a little while.
  • If you feel like Wi-Fi support is consuming too much data, turn it off.

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