22 iPhone Apps That Are Still You Can Use

We know apps you don't know yet. Bet? At least that's what we hope. 

22 iPhone Apps That Are Still You Can Use

Because there are some beautiful, helpful, versatile, or even extraordinary apps that are still considered an insider tip because they have not yet been seen by the masses, but are loved by their users in any case. 

In the following, we want to introduce you to exactly such apps.

Plantsnap - Determining plants

You like plants, maybe even have your own garden? If you are sometimes on the road and see a plant that you think is great, and would like to have in your own garden, but does not come up with a name, then there is an app: "Plantsnap - Determine plants". 

With iOS 14, thanks to advanced AI, the flowers and leaves are automatically recognized and you no longer have to manually mark recordings. The app is free, with in-app purchases possible. Of course, the app also helps you to recognize trees, mushrooms, and much more.

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The app "Prisma Photo Editor" is a phenomenon and probably not an insider tip for everyone since it appeared in 2016. 

With the help of algorithms, the Prisma Labs app turns photos into "works of art". 

Since the processing of the images takes place in the cloud, there are also concerns. Thanks to constantly new filters, however, an active user group was formed.


If an app shows what can be done with algorithms to turn information into a knowledge advantage, then it is "WolframAlpha". 

The app currently costs 3.49 euros and thus offers basic functions. An extended range of functions can be unlocked via in-app purchases. 

Whether mathematics, physics, statistics, and much more. You will wonder in what form information can be processed with WolframAlpha. 

Not only natural scientists get their money's worth.

AutoSleep Sleep Tracker

Do you have sleep problems? Then an analysis of sleep patterns could help you. An interesting way to do this is via the app "AutoSleep Sleep Tracker" by Tantsissa. 

Just leave your Apple Watch on overnight and Sleepbot will show you how much quality sleep you're getting. 

With the help of visualized statistics, you can then go on cause research. The app currently costs 4.49 euros and is praised by users. 

Sleep tracking works automatically by having the app determine when you are sleeping via the watch.


Every week there are new film releases in the cinema. Regardless of whether they are films with extra length, there are sometimes those moments when you still urgently need to go to the toilet during the event. 

With "RunPee" by polyGeek, the movie doesn't get a pause button, but you can find out the optimal time when you can confidently go to the toilet without missing something important through hints from moviegoers. The app is free and also offers in-app purchases. 

A timer reminds you of a vibration when you can disappear to the village.

Skiplagged – Flights & Hotels

A real insider tip for primarily air travelers is the app "Skiplagged – Flights & Hotels" from Skiplagged. Price search engines for flights are probably known to many. 

But this app also searches for flights where a stopover is just the destination. 

You can save money in this way. 

Apart from the fact that the user interface is in English, you can of course also search for flights in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Berlin and from other German airports.

Hear - Advanced Listening

Since there are quite a few users who find the app "Hear - Advanced Listening" great, we did not want to withhold it from you. The app can filter or counteract ambient noise. 

Especially in noisy environments, the app should help you to concentrate better. You can even use it to create sounds that are deeply relaxed. 

The downside so far: Currently, the app only supports wired headphones.


Admittedly, the app "CodeEditor" by Panic is not a bargain, but especially interesting for web developers. 

You get a programming editor with syntax highlighting, line numbers, and the possibility to display invisible characters. 

You can also open files on servers using S(FTP), WebDAV, Amazon S3, and more and edit them on the go. 

Even an SSH terminal is included in the app to access the command line from remote servers. 

The app currently costs 27.99 euros but is also on offer from time to time.

Cheatsheet Notes

Would you like to remember little things quickly? The app "Cheatsheet Notes" from Overdesigned helps you with this via a dashboard widget or a special keyboard extension. 

Data that you want to store in Cheatsheet. 

maybe the combination of a combination lock, the hotel room number, the street where you parked the car or the Konami code on the gamepad.

The Infatuation

Apps like Yelp and TripAdvisor help find restaurants where you can eat well. However, the ratings there all come from "amateurs". 

This can have its charm, but is too unsteady for some gourmets. 

Now the EATS Athletic Club offers a more "professional" alternative with the app "The Infatuation". 

In it, the restaurant critics describe their experiences and also categorize them. 

So you get recommendations on where to go with the in-laws, but also for a first date. 

The only downside so far is: Only restaurants in certain cities are "criticized". 

Because the reviews are all written by a small team. 

New ones are added regularly but at a manageable pace. But if you are ever in Paris or Rome, the app already offers incentives.

Temp Mail - Temporary Email

You need a disposable e-mail address? Then the app "Temp Mail - Temporary Email" from Privatix is certainly interesting for you.

Flush – Toilet Finder & Map

You have certainly been on the road before and had to go to the toilet urgently. The app "Flush – Toilet Finder & Map" helps to find a public toilet. 

More than 190,000 pieces are contained in the database worldwide. The app is free and financed by advertising. If you do not want this, there is a "Flush Pro" for the price of 2.29 euros.

Fake Call Plus

If you're one of those people who like to avoid unpleasant truths, just let the "Fake Call Plus" app call you. You can even specify a caller and then use their avatar as a background image.


Want to monitor and track parcel deliveries? Junecloud's "Deliveries" app has been around for many years. 

It started as a "widget" on the Mac. You can now also display one on your iPhone. 

The app is constantly being developed and recently received Siri shortcuts, so you can ask the voice assistant where the packages are. 

The comfort currently costs 5.49 euros.

Lake: Coloring Books

"Lake" is English and translates to "lake". But this app only has to do with a lake over a donkey bridge. Because the stay at the water calms down. 

But it also reassures us to color coloring books. The app, which has already won the Design Award from Apple, offers those constantly new motifs.


An insider tip for runners is the app "RunGo". It offers at least two functions that are not included in comparable apps. 

On the one hand, you can create individual routes on the map and see in advance how far it is. 

In addition, you can then be guided by step-by-step voice navigation over the entire running route. Wireless sports headphones are probably the most enjoyable. The Apple Watch is also supported.


For all those who would like to use Wikipedia content offline on their iPhone or iPad, there is the app "Kiwix" from Wikimedia in Switzerland. 

You can use it to download Wikipedia in different languages or other encyclopedias based on Media Wiki.

Mapify – Your Travel Guide

An insider tip for travelers is "Mapify – Your Travel Guide". You upload photos of sights to the app that you would like to visit on a trip and then give yourself personal recommendations based on the travel plans of other users who may have the same interests as you. 

In addition, you will receive additional information about the locations you would like to visit and can also share experiences with other users. 

You can also use the app to find accommodation with Airbnb on-site during your trip and receive transport data.

Tab – The simple bill splitter

You are traveling with friends and want to split a bill among themselves? Photograph the receipt. The app "Tab - The simple bill splitter" scans it and recognizes the individual items. 

You can then easily assign these to the people and also calculate the tip in the restaurant individually for the proportion of the respective person. 

You can also have the money transferred to you via Venmo by your friends.

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Untappd - Discover Beer

Travel guides are available as an app like Sand am Meer. But with "Untappd - Discover Beer" you can crown your visit to a city with a local beer delicacy. 

A beer search by barcode is also included, so you can also approach the journey the other way around, visiting places where a particular beer that tastes good to you comes from. 

And for beer fans, there are even small "awards" that you can earn by using the app on the spot and letting the world know you've been there.

Ada - Your Health Assistant

You know that the diagnosis of diseases with Dr. Google can also lead to anxiety, because a simple cold sometimes becomes a deadly disease. 

The app "Ada - Your Health Assistant" would like to give you a little "more" security. 

The software simulates a conversation between a doctor or physician assistant and a patient via a chatbot and then leads you to "possible" diagnoses.

Zenjob – Student Jobs

Precisely because students are probably notoriously short of money, the start-up Zenjob thought of setting up an employment agency via an app. 

Students with valid IDs can register with the app "Zenjob – Student Jobs" and companies as well. Zenjob then also takes over the payment for the students and arranges part-time jobs such as concert work, waiters, etc. at the push of a button.

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