How To Arrange widgets freely on the lock screen iPhone

 In iOS 16, the new iPhone lock screen is the dominant theme. Above all, the possibility of adding widgets – these are small apps windows that provide information and allow quick access to apps – to the lock screen. 

How To Arrange widgets freely on the lock screen iPhone

When it comes to positioning them, however, you realize that you are a little limited in your choice of place. Arrange widgets on the lock screen more freely with the free Widget Spacer app!

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Widget Spacer: Move widgets by placeholder

As much freedom as Apple grants with regard to the design of fonts, colors, and widgets, the iPhone manufacturer seems to be so restrictive in the details. 

For example, it is not possible to move the widgets on the lock screen to every point in the designated area. 

When trying to drag a widget to a free seat, the icon is automatically returned to the original seat. With the free app "Widget Spacer", however, the system can be tricked to a certain extent.

The app provides an invisible widget that acts as a spacer. With the help of the placeholder, which is available in two sizes, any widgets can then be moved to places that would otherwise be denied them. All you have to do is download the app and then go into the edit mode of the lock screen.

To do this, briefly press and hold the lock screen and tap "Set as background image pair" at the bottom. Then go to "Customize" and tap "Add Widget". 

Now scroll down and select the entry "Widget Spacer". Now you can add a placeholder widget at the touch of a finger and place it between or next to the other widgets. 

You can easily "force" them to a preferred place.

So if you want to arrange your lock screen widgets according to your own taste, you should definitely get "Widget Spacer" on your iPhone. 

As I said, the app is free to have and does not include any in-app purchases or hidden costs.

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