How to launch EVERY app from the lock screen iPhone

Apple has undoubtedly paid the most attention in iOS 16 to the lock screen. In addition to the possibility to adjust font and color, widgets can now also be added to the lock screen. 

How to launch EVERY app from the lock screen iPhone

On the one hand, the mini-apps provide important information at a glance, on the other hand, they also allow quick access to apps. 

Problem: Not every app offers a suitable widget for the lock screen. With "ShortFlow" you can now create a widget for any app.

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ShortFlow app: Set up lock screen widgets for each app

As soon as iOS 16 is out, resourceful developers have set themselves the task of providing more tools to get even more out of the new iPhone lock screen. 

One of them is Kenneth Kao, who with his app "ShortFlow" makes it possible to bring any app as a widget to the lock screen. 

To do this, simply create a shortcut for any app (e.g. an alternative camera application) and then add it to the lock screen. 

By tapping on the widget in the lock screen, you can then jump directly into the associated application. Cool, right?

ShortFlow is largely free, but can optionally be extended by in-app purchases (3.99 €) with additional functions. 

Although the app is only available in English, it can also be accessed without special language skills. 

So that you can get started right away after you have brought the app to your iPhone, we will show you step by step how you can use the app to set up such a lock screen widget for any app.

1. Create a shortcut

First, create a shortcut for the app you want to add to the lock screen as a widget later. If you already have a suitable shortcut that you want to use, you can skip this point.
  • Opens the Shortcuts app and selects the Shortcuts tab.
  • Then tap the plus sign in the upper right corner.
  • Now go to "Add action" and enter the app name in the search box at the top.
  • Select any action (e.g. "Play Music") and confirm with "Done".

2. Set up widget in ShortFlow

Now launch the ShortFlow app and tap one of the tops numbered circles in the "Run Shortcut" tab. Then, in the Shortcut Name field, type the name of the shortcut you just created. 

To the left of it, you can add a suitable widget icon. You don't have to do more here.

Alternatively, you can also choose from a series of "presets", i.e. preset shortcuts, for certain apps or create a widget for a specific website ("Open URL"), which you want to access from the lock screen. 

You can create up to four widgets here. Four more widget slots can be unlocked when you purchase the Pro version.

3. Add a widget to the lock screen

  • Now go to the lock screen of your iPhone and hold it briefly.
  • Then tap on "Set as background image pair" at the bottom and go to "Customize".
  • Now tap on the "Add Widgets" field, scroll down and select "ShortFlow".
  • Select the shortcut you want to add and close the view (press "X").
  • Click "Done" to exit the "Customize" mode.
From now on, the widget will be permanently visible on the iPhone lock screen. With a tap of a finger, you trigger the associated action or jump into the respective app.

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