Extend Apple Watch battery life: How to activate the new power saving mode!

 With the new watchOS 9 update, Apple has also provided a new power-saving mode, with which you can now extend the battery life of your Apple Watch. 

Extend Apple Watch battery life: How to activate the new power saving mode!

How you can activate the feature and what you have to consider, you can find out here.

How the new Apple Watch power-saving mode works

In order to save the battery life on the Apple Watch, there was previously the possibility to activate the so-called "power reserve". 

This overrode all smart functions of the watch, except for the display of the current time, in favor of the battery. 

Perhaps Apple has thought a bit too radically so the iPhone manufacturer has also provided a new power-saving mode as a replacement for the old power reserve with the latest watchOS 9 updates. 

A kind of "power reserve light", if you will, because the new feature makes the Apple Watch not quite so useless. 

Nevertheless, you have to live with some restrictions here as well, as Apple explains in a relevant support document. An excerpt from it, you can see below.

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The power-saving mode turns off the following functions:

  • Always-On Display
  • Heart rate notifications for irregular rhythm, high and low heart rates
  • Heart rate measurements in the background
  • Blood oxygen measurements in the background
  • A reminder of the start of training

The power-saving mode turns off these features when the iPhone is not nearby:

  • Wi-Fi and cellular connections
  • Incoming phone calls and notifications

Power saving mode affects these features:

  • Making a call may take longer
  • Background app updates are less frequent
  • Complications are updated less frequently
  • Siri may take longer to process a request
  • some animations and scrolls may appear less fluid
  • Turn on power-saving mode on Apple Watch

First, swipe up from the bottom of the display to open Control Center. Then go to the percentage display of the battery and activate the "power saving mode" with a tap on the switch. 

On the next level, scroll down a bit and select "Activate". If you want to turn on the function for a certain period of time, go to "Activate for", where you can then activate the mode for 1, 2, or 3 days.

You can tell that the function is on, for example, by the yellow circle at the top of the screen, by the yellow-colored battery level indicator, and by the yellowing of the time in night mode. 

If you don't activate the power-saving setting manually, the watch will ask you if you want to turn on the function if you have a battery level of 10%. 

With a battery charge of 80%, the mode will automatically turn off if you have not activated it for several days.

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