New: Activate haptic keyboard feedback on the iPhone!

When it comes to keyboard noise on the iPhone, most are inclined to turn it off as quickly as possible.

Because the click sound gets on the nerves of not only you but also your fellow human beings. If you still want to have feedback from the keyboard when typing, you can activate the new keyboard feedback.

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Turn on haptic keyboard feedback – here's how it works

Since Apple uses the so-called Taptic Engine in the iPhone (from iPhone 6s), the smartphone is able to output haptic feedback when pressing certain display elements. 

This manifests itself in a short and noticeable twitch of the device. Initially, the pressure-sensitive "3D Touch" technology made use of it until it was replaced by "Haptic Touch" (putting your finger on the display is enough).

With iOS 16, Apple has now extended the possibility of mechanical feedback when typing on the iOS keyboard. 

Once activated, the iPhone emits a slight vibration every time you press a button, confirming that an action has taken place. 

Until now, it was only possible to acknowledge keystrokes via sound (or annoying clicking noise). 

So if you need feedback, but don't feel like the old clacking, you can now use the haptic keyboard feedback. Since the feature is off by default, you can enable it as follows:
  • Opens the Settings app.
  • Go to "Sounds & Haptics".
  • Selects the item "Keyboard feedback".
  • Tap the switch to the right of Haptics.
On the one hand, the new keyboard feedback benefits those users who see poorly and thus know exactly when they have made an input on the keyboard. On the other hand, the gentle vibration can also simply contribute to a more pleasant user experience when typing on the iOS keyboard. Try it out for yourself.

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