How to Add The Same App to Multiple Home Screens On iPhone

 Focus mode allows you to use different home screens. But how can you store certain apps multiple times to use them in other

How to Add The Same App to Multiple Home Screens On iPhone

profiles? We'll tell you how it works.

The focus mode is practical help in everyday life. With it, you can hide private apps at work and vice versa. 

This will reduce the visible applications on your home screen if you wish. You can also assign individual home screens to your focus profiles. 

However, you can only put an application on a home screen once, right? 

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Focus mode and app duplicates

If a home screen bothers you, you can hide it by holding your finger on the page icon above the dock for a long time. 

Finally, remove the hook and tap Done. You can also use this circumstance of hiding for the focus mode to create new home screens for different profiles. 

You even have the option of storing apps multiple times in order to be able to use them in several profiles. 

By the way, you don't have to worry about your storage space, as the additional app icons do not take up any additional space. Only one app remains installed.

To place an app on multiple home screens, swipe left several times until you see the app library. Now find the app you want to drop multiple times. 

Hold down your finger and drag the app to the nearest home screen. A green plus icon indicates that it is a duplicate. 

Tap Done once the app is on the desired home screen. Repeat the process for more apps.

To delete a duplicate app later, hold your finger on the app icon again and then select "Remove app". After that, tap "Remove from Home Screen". 

On the other hand, if you select "Delete app", all copies as well as the app itself will be completely deleted from your device.

Under "Settings > Focus" you can select a profile and then under "Home screen" you can specify which home screen to activate when you turn on the selected profile. This will hide other home screens.

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