4 Reason That's why you shouldn't buy the Apple Watch Series 8

 The Apple Watch Series 8 will be unveiled soon and couldn't turn out to be the update you'd like to have. Is it worth upgrading to the new hardware?

4 Reason That's why you shouldn't buy the Apple Watch Series 8

Same optics as always

Since the first Apple Watch, Apple has hardly changed its design. Most of the time, Apple only changed the components as well as the screen sizes, but externally they are the same. 

This is also a good thing, as it makes the bracelets of all generations compatible with each other. You shouldn't expect a new design from the Apple Watch Series 8 either, so upgrading doesn't make sense if you're looking for a fresh design. 

Only the new Apple Watch Pro could offer a changed appearance, whereby it should only be available in one size and this surpasses all previous models.

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Yet another old chip?

According to various rumors, little could be done with the chip used. Although there should be the S8 chip this year, according to Bloomberg, it could differ only marginally from its predecessor. 

This would actually not be a problem if the S7 had been a significant leap in performance compared to the S6. 

Unfortunately, these two chips are also almost identical, so in the Apple Watch Series 8 a chip is used, which Apple has been using since 2020. A completely new processor is not expected until next year.

New features? Perhaps!

Even apart from the design and the chip, you should not expect too many innovations. For example, Apple could introduce a new sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8. 

He should be able to measure your body temperature, although a precise display is unlikely. Much it could inform about elevated and low temperatures so that you can at least determine if you have a fever. Further innovations are not known. 

However, Apple may have been working on the display, so it's even brighter when it's not in use without affecting battery life. 

In addition, watchOS 9 will also appear for many models and bring new features. Exclusive features are hard to be expected if the hardware does not receive any noticeable innovations. 

Apple Watch Series 7 on sale

With the new model on the horizon, the Apple Watch Series 7 should also quickly lose value and be offered cheaply by various shops. 

Already now you can get the Apple Watch Series 7 for about 350 euros, whereby even a look at the eBay classifieds can help to beat a bargain. 

If the differences are actually as small as described, then you can save a lot of money by reaching for the Apple Watch Series 7. 

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