How The New Lock Screen Works iOS 16

 The new lock screen is the highlight of iOS 16. That's why Craig Federighi presented it as the first innovation at WWDC 2022. 

How The New Lock Screen Works iOS 16

But what does the new lock screen bring and how can you customize it? We'll tell you.

iOS 16 is the big update for your iPhone in 2022. With it, Apple improves in many places and brings numerous innovations to the mobile operating system. 

The company also took on the calls of the community, which has been calling for a customizable lock screen with widgets for years. 

In many ways, Apple took the Apple Watch as a model, introducing compact widgets and even adopting watch face designs from the smartwatch. 

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The customizable lock screen

After Apple breathed new life into the widgets with iOS 14, they wanted to extend the feature to the lock screen as a result. 

With iOS 16, this wish is at least partially fulfilled. Apple does not clumsily integrate the already available widgets on the lock screen but has created much more compact versions that are reminiscent of the complications of the Apple Watch and even work similarly. 

The new interface should be available to interested development teams right from the start.

In addition, Apple once again revised the view of the received messages and wants to offer "live activities" later this year. 

These can basically be described as real-time widgets that are supposed to provide information about sporting events, your order status, or the arrival time of your taxi. 

As a little extra, Apple also updates the "Running Now" view for your music, which now also works as a full-screen display and shows you the album art on the lock screen. 

In terms of designs, Apple leaves you with a surprising number of options. 

So the lock screen customization starts with a comprehensive gallery that suggests ready-made backgrounds and widgets, background photos from your shots, and the themes of weather, astronomy, emojis, and collections (Unity and Pride). 

All templates can then be adjusted again, whereby weather and astronomy adapt to current conditions in real-time. Meanwhile, you can create cool wallpapers from emojis, where you can set the emojis, their number as well as the background color.

With your own photos, there is the possibility of multi-layered effects and adjustments to photo styles. What's particularly surprising, however, is the fact that you can set different styles for the date and time. The date can even be completely replaced by widgets. 

However, you've never been convinced that you have to choose a style or lock screen. You can create several and switch between them. To make it even easier for you to switch, you can even link a lock screen to a focus profile. We have introduced you to how this works here. 

That all sounds a lot and extensive. Basically, we agree with you, but Apple makes sure that you can find many of the features right away and use them intuitively. 

Nevertheless, we are happy to explain some of the most important features in detail. 

iOS 16: How to Create a New Lock Screen 

With iOS 16, Apple fulfills a long-awaited wish of many users: The lock screen becomes customizable. As Apple has come to expect, creating a new lock screen is easy and intuitive by simply holding your finger down on the lock screen. 

The wallpaper will then be set backward and you will have several options. However, select the plus icon to create a new lock screen. 

Once again, you'll see numerous options. So you can choose from the categories "Photos", "People", "Random Photo Playback", "Emoji", "Weather", "Astronomy" and "Color" or decide on a suggested photo or design. 

Once you have made your selection, you will land in the wallpaper view.

The overall view is simple. For example, tap the date right at the top. You can replace this with another widget such as the weather or a current share price. 

The time, on the other hand, is a bit more interesting. If you tap on them, you can choose between eight fonts and even give the font an individual color. 

Just below that, you'll find the new widget bar, which allows up to four widgets, with larger widgets that can take up a maximum of half of the bar. 

Currently, only widgets for Apple applications are available here, but Apple has also released the associated interface for development teams so that a variety of possibilities can be expected in the future.

At the bottom, you'll see more options that vary depending on the template. For photos, you can choose a different photo or choose one of four photo styles. 

In addition to "Natural", you can choose between "Black and White", "Duotone" and "Colouring". Both of the latter options can also be edited by tapping the icon with the three dots and selecting "Style Color". Once you've made all the adjustments, you can tap Done.

Summary: Create lock screens 

  • Briefly press and hold your finger on the lock screen
  • Tap Plus icon
  • Select template or photo
  • Customize lock screen and widgets
  • Tap "Done"

By holding down your finger on the lock screen and then selecting any wallpaper, you can quickly switch between different designs.

Pro Tip: We recommend that you create multiple lock screens for different occasions. You have the option to add every single lock screen to a focus profile. You can find the instructions for this here.

iOS 16: How to Erase Your Lock Screens Again

If you can already create a variety of lock screens, you can also delete them. This works in Apple's typical way by swiping. To do this, press and hold your finger briefly on the lock screen. Now swipe through until you see the lock screen you want to delete. Then swipe up and then tap the delete icon. Confirm your entry by tapping "Delete this wallpaper". 

Summary: Delete lock screens 

  • Briefly press and hold your finger on the lock screen
  • Select lock screen and swipe up
  • Tap the delete icon and confirm the entry

iOS 16: How to Customize Your Lock Screen

Not only creating and deleting your lock screen is possible. You can also adjust it at any time, for example, to change the photo style or exchange a widget. 

To do this, press and hold your finger on the lock screen. Now select the screen you want to edit and tap "Customize" underneath. So you can set a new photo, color theme, font style, or even widgets in a familiar way without having to create a new lock screen.

Summary: Lock Screen Customization 

  • Briefly press and hold your finger on the lock screen
  • Select the lock screen and tap "Customize"
  • Now set new parameters for your lock screen
  • Finally, tap "Done"

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