iOS 16: These Are What's New in the Maps app

 iOS 16 introduces many features for your iPhone. The Maps app is also learning new tricks and receives an overdue feature with the update: stopovers.

iOS 16: These Are What's New in the Maps app

After Apple had significantly revised the Maps app with detailed views in recent years, the introduction of the "look around" function in Germany recently followed. 

For iOS 16, however, Apple set itself less ambitious goals in terms of the navigation application, but there are various detail improvements as well as the long-awaited introduction of several stops in route planning.

What's new in Apple Maps on iOS 16?

If you use public transport as well as the Apple Maps app, there is good news for you: Apple allows you to check the current fares for public transport directly in the Maps app with iOS 16, so you immediately know the fares for your chosen routes. 

In addition, the company improved public transport cards, strengthening the interaction of the card and wallet app, so that you can view the balance of your tickets directly in Apple's Maps application without having to leave the app.

In addition, Apple is introducing one of the most desired features together with iOS 16. From now on, the Maps app allows you to insert several stops in your route planning so that you no longer have to manually create partial routes for stops and detours. 

In addition, the app allows you to plan your routes with stopovers on your Mac and then synchronize them with your iPhone to be perfectly prepared.

As a little extra, Apple has improved the VoiceOver feature and now automatically outputs sound and haptic feedback to help you recognize the starting point on a pedestrian route.

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How do the stopovers work in Apple Maps?

If you've been using the Maps app for a while, you won't have any trouble understanding the new feature right away. 

Simply open the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad and enter your destination in the search box and confirm this with a tap on "Route". 

Now you get to a new view, which offers you the option "Add stop" below your destination. Tap it and set another stop. 

If you have planned three or more stops, you can hold your finger on the symbol with the three lines behind the destination and change the order by dragging. 

This keeps you flexible and allows you to change your next destination at any time. Alternatively, you can completely remove a stopover by swiping left on it. 

On the other hand, if you tap on it, you can also change the destination.

This feature is also missing from the Maps app in iOS 16

Apple is catching up with iOS 16 on Google Maps, but still, one feature is still sorely missed: offline maps. 

While Google's application has allowed you to download maps to your smartphone before a trip, Apple doesn't allow this, so you'll always need an internet connection to load the map at your location. 

Now that Apple has added the stopovers, the company might be planning the offline feature for iOS 17. 

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