How to Remove Duplicates Photos from Apps iOS 16

Your iPhone learns a lot of clever tricks with iOS 16 and also helps you save storage space. For the first time, the Photos app also detects duplicates that you can delete quickly and easily. We will be happy to tell you how to do this.

How to Remove Duplicates from Photos Apps iOS 16

For most users, the iPhone has become a camera just in case. This is not surprising, as Apple puts a lot of energy into new camera systems every year. But if you photograph a lot every day, you will inevitably have duplicates on your device. 

Especially over the many years, one or the other photo could have doubled and thus unnecessarily take up valuable storage space. 

Previously, you had to download third-party apps and give them access to your personal memories. On iOS 16, the operating system automatically detects duplicates and helps you clean them out.

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Duplicate Photos: How iOS 16 Detects Duplicates in Photos App

Instead of asking the App Store for help, Apple is giving you a new tool right in the Photos app to detect and delete duplicate photos. 

Admittedly, Apple does not call it to delete but merges duplicate recordings so that subtitles and keywords are preserved, while markings are also taken over as favorites in this way. According to Apple, the image with the best quality or resolution is always retained. 

To remove duplicates, pick up your iPhone updated to iOS 16.0 or later and open the Photos app. At the bottom of the screen, select the Albums tab and then scroll down. In the "Other" section you will find the new folder "Duplicates". 

Your iPhone has already searched your recordings in the background and placed duplicate recordings in this folder. 

Now you can look at your duplicates and do the same with a tap on "Merge". Alternatively, you can also perform the action for all recordings. To do this, tap on "Select" at the top, then select "All" to the left of it, and then tap "Merge" at the bottom. 

By the way, you can also take a closer look at your recordings, then the option "Merge" will also appear in the upper right corner. 

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