12 iPhone The Secret Codes

The secret codes of the iPhone. They have not only been around since the iPhone. 

iPhone The Secret Codes

Even the old Nokia or Siemens mobile phones knew a few special codes that you entered via the keyboard of the devices and with which you then activated special functions on the device or in the network of the mobile operator. 

In this overview, we want to introduce you to some interesting, useful, but also a few curious codes and explain what they are good for.

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Improve voice quality with EFR

The acronym EFR stands for "Enhanced Full Rate" and in practice ensures improved voice quality during calls. However, everything in the world comes at a price. 

Because when EFR mode is activated, a little more power is consumed and the battery life decreases slightly.

You enable EFR mode with the code *3370# and disable it with #3370#.

Save battery

In this context, HR does not stand for "Human Resources", but for "Half Rate". 

This is a transmission mode that was developed in the early 1990s and in principle does exactly the opposite of what the ERA mode does, which is to deteriorate the call quality. 

On the other hand, the smartphone consumes less energy when making calls.

You enable HR mode with the code *4720# and disable it with #4720#.


The "International Mobile Equipment Identity", IMEI for short, of your iPhone, can of course also be found in the Settings app. But you can also spend them differently.

Simply type *#06# into the dial pad. You do not have to confirm the entry. Immediately after the last character, the number will be displayed on the screen.

What is my phone number?

If you have forgotten your own phone number and need it quickly, you should always maintain your own contact in the address book. Because then you can also ask Siri: "What is my phone number?".

Especially if you are a Telekom customer in the remotest sense, you can also use the code *135# to display your own mobile phone number. This means that you need a connection with T-Mobile, Call mobile, Congstar, and other Telecom partners.

View data over your own mobile network

There is a "Field Test App", which is usually totally uninteresting for Otto normal consumers. You can start it by entering the code *3001#12345#* on the iPhone.

This provides you with various information about the device and the LTE, UMTS, and GSM network. Some, of course, only if your device is also logged in. So if you are on the LTE network, you will receive hardly any or significantly less UMTS information.

Save power with the SIM card

Do you have the feeling that you consume more electricity than your colleague, even though your usage behavior is similar? This could be because its SIM card supports SIM clock stop mode. This ensures that power is only consumed when you actually use the SIM card.

Use the code *#746025625# to find out if your SIM card supports the mode. If your provider does not allow this, you will receive an error message (see screenshot).

Calling without calling

Would you like to leave someone a message in their mailbox? But you don't want to talk to the person in any case? There is a possibility. The mobile phone providers use a two-digit code for this, which you have to integrate between area code and phone number. For Vodafone, the code is "50", for T-Mobile "13" and for O2 "33".

Then call 017X-33-XXXXXXX to speak to someone at O2 on the mailbox without running the risk of getting the person directly to the phone.

When was the last time I talked on the phone?

Would you like to know who you last spoke to on the phone? Many mobile operators offer an overview on the website or via an app, Apple's own phone app also shows this overview. You can also try the code *646#. Unfortunately, you can sometimes expect an error message if your provider does not support this.

Knock, knock, someone at home?

With the code *43# you switch the knocking sound actively, with #43# you switch it off again.

Use *#43# to check if the knocking sound is set.

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Have I set up a mailbox?

Use the code *#5005*86# to check the settings of your mailbox. If you have had the function switched off at the beginning of the contract or your mobile phone provider does not support the query, there is also an error message here.

In short, not incognito

Otherwise, you have suppressed the number transmission so that callees do not notice who is reporting? And for once, you want to call someone to see that it's you? Then use the code *31# followed by the number you want to call. Code #31# disables number forwarding.

Who forwards what and how?

Try typing the code *#61# and call. Your iPhone shows you an overview of what happens with calls, SMS, and faxes when you are not reachable.

Do you know of any other codes that we have not listed here? Let us know in the comments.

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