iOS 16: How to edit sent messages on iPhone

 Through iOS 16, your iPhone has learned some useful tricks. So you can now also edit sent messages. We'll tell you how this works and what you should keep in mind.

iOS 16: How to edit sent messages on iPhone

While we've already explained iOS 16 highlights like the new lock screen, advanced focus features, weather app, and more, there's more to discover. 

After all, the Messages app also received some useful features that should simplify your everyday life. This includes marking unread messages, SIM filters, or editing messages. 

The latter should be particularly interesting for many users, as you can correct meanings or spelling mistakes afterward. 

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iOS 16: Limits when editing messages

It should be obvious that you can't edit SMS because it doesn't use Apple's iMessage system. Also, the feature is not available for older devices without iOS 16. 

If you send a message to someone who has not yet installed iOS 16, the original message will be displayed there, while your edited variant will be sent and displayed as a separate message. 

By the way, users on iOS 16 will also be informed about the editing. To do this, it says "edited" below the message.

Apple has added even more restrictions. This means that editing is only available for 15 minutes after sending your message. During this time, you can edit them up to five times.


  • Maximum of five edits
  • Editing is possible up to 15 minutes after sending
  • Not available for SMS
  • Recipient: receives the notification of processing

To edit a message in iMessage afterward

If you've sent an iMessage (blue bubble) to someone on iOS 16 and you notice an error, you can fix it quickly. 

  • To do this, hold your finger on the desired message for a long time until a context menu appears. 
  • Now select the "Edit" option. 
  • Now change your message and tap the blue check mark once you've made all the changes. 
  • This only works five times per message and is available to you up to 15 minutes after sending. 
  • Any change can also be viewed. All you have to do is tap on "Edited" below the message.

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