How To Take screenshots with iPhone using iOS 16

 In many areas, Apple improved the operating system for the iPhone. Taking screenshots has also been given new tricks. We'll tell you what's new and how it works.

How To Take screenshots with iPhone using iOS 16

If you want to capture a message or quickly back up a text from an app, then you usually have to take a screenshot. 

This is practical and has been possible in iOS almost unchanged for years. However, Apple significantly revised the functionality as well as your possibilities. 

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How to take screenshots with iPhone

There can be countless situations that require a screenshot. In this way, save a status message, an instant message or the booking confirmation to a website. 

So also capture your high score in a game. You can take screenshots for almost anything at any time. 

For current iPhone models with Face ID, you briefly press the volume up and side buttons (power button) at the same time. 

On older models, however, you press the home button at the same time as the side button. 

If you then tap on the preview, then you have various options available. You can copy texts, make markers or crop the recording. 

Since iOS 16, you no longer have to back up the screenshot to your photos, but you can alternatively copy it and delete it immediately. 

To do this, tap on the share icon in the upper right corner and select "Copy". 

In addition, there is the possibility that you simply tap on "Done" and select "Copy and delete". Now you can insert the screenshot into any app (e.g. Pages or Notes).

Take screenshots of entire websites – here's how it works

After you know how to take a screenshot, we'd like to reveal the trick to back up entire pages or content from emails. 

To do this, open a web page in Safari and take a screenshot. A preview appears in the lower left corner. Tap it. 

Now select the tab "Whole Page". To the right of it, a bar appears that shows you the entire page. Move your finger over it to scroll. 

Add tags and hints as needed, or crop your selections before tapping Done. Then select "Save PDF to Files" and save your screenshot PDF to cloud storage. 

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