How to send email scheduled with Mail iOS 16

On iOS 16, Apple improved the Mail app in some areas and added useful features to it. This also includes the subsequent sending of e-mails. We'll explain how it works.

How to send email scheduled with Mail iOS 16

For years, many users have criticized Apple's Mail app. Unlike third-party applications, it lacks some practical features and, in a way, the order and simplicity of other apps. 

With iOS 16, iPad OS16, and also macOS Ventura, Apple is not reinventing the Mail app, but it will be better than before in many sections. 

For example, the Apple app alerts you when you've forgotten a recipient or attachment, shows link previews, and also reminds you of opened but unanswered emails. 

You can also use it to schedule emails. So you can prescribe a digital mail and have it sent to the minute. This can be very useful both privately and professionally. However, the function hides somewhat.

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Send emails at a certain time with iPhone

Apple does include scheduling to send emails, but at the same time, the feature is hard to detect. If you do not want to send an e-mail immediately, but only later to your counterpart, then this is no longer a problem since iOS 16, iPad OS16, and macOS Ventura. 

To do this, open the Mail app on your device and write your email as you are used to. Once you've checked everything again, press and hold your finger on the submit arrow until a new context menu appears. 

(For macOS Ventura, tap the drop-down menu next to it) There you have three or more options to choose from: "Send now", a suggested send time, and "Send later".

The latter is particularly interesting because it offers you full flexibility. You can select any date and the desired time to the minute. 

However, Apple points out that your device must also be connected to the Internet at this time to send the email on time. Tap Done once you've made your selection and the email will be scheduled. 

Additional tip: In your overview with all mailboxes you will find a new item "Send later". In it you can see all scheduled mails. You can even open it and edit it again so that it is sent at a different time.

Short version: Send e-mails scheduled

  • Open mail and write an e-mail
  • Long tap on the arrow to send
  • Select "Send Later" from the context menu
  • Set the date and time and tap Done

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