15 Painful iPhone Mistakes You Make Every Day

Every day there are things we do wrong. This often affects the use of the iPhone. We would therefore like to give you valuable tips to learn from the mistakes and have more of the device.

Every day you spend countless hours with your iPhone and yet you make the same mistakes over and over again. Often this is only half as wild, but with our 15 little tricks, you can achieve longer battery life and sometimes make your iPhone faster. However, some tips are also associated with the regular effort so that your iPhone works optimally in the long term. 

Optimal battery charging

Apple also knows that it's not easy to charge the device to 80 percent when charged overnight. In order to maintain battery health for as long as possible, the company, therefore, introduced a new feature that optimally charges the iPhone. Enable the feature under "Battery > settings > battery status".

Dark mode automatic

Either you use it intensively or not at all: the Dark Mode. Especially on iPhone models with OLED display, it can be very useful and save you energy. We, therefore, recommend that you use it extensively. For simplicity, you can set it to "Automatic" under "Settings > Display & Brightness" so that it is always active at sunset.


In addition to the dark mode, the display has another trick in-store to save your battery. Set the brightness to automatic. This saves energy and especially in dark environments your eyes, as the brightness is automatically regulated. Activate the function under "Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size".

Don't share location with everyone

Location sharing is of course convenient and absolutely necessary for some apps. Nevertheless, you should be aware that not every app needs access to your position. In addition to privacy, location sharing is also bad for battery life – especially in the background. We, therefore, recommend that you choose exactly which app is allowed to access it. You can set this under "Settings > Privacy > Location Services".

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Disable notifications

Almost all apps have notifications for you. Of course, it can be handy if you allow them because you stay up to date. With an increasing number of apps, this can not only get annoying but also costs valuable battery life. Under "Settings > notifications" you can therefore adjust the notification settings for all apps and deactivate them if necessary.

Take full advantage of storage space

The iPhone can now be ordered with generous storage options, so storage space becomes a minor problem. Nevertheless, you should regularly check "Settings > General > iPhone Storage". As soon as the space becomes tight, your system also slows down. Therefore, delete unused apps and data again and again.

Permission in case of blocking

For Apple, protecting your data is important. However, this should also apply to you. Therefore, open "Setting > Face ID & Code". Under the heading "Allow in lock state", you should therefore select exactly which functions you allow and which you do not. In any case, we recommend disabling "USB Accessories". "Reply with message" and "Call back missed calls" can also allow for possible misuse.

Alternative appearance

Face ID is quick and easy. If you change your style more often, it may still slow down and may not work correctly. You can prevent this by configuring an alternative appearance under "Setting > Face ID & Code", for example with/without beard, glasses, or hat.

Camera, microphone, and location in Safari

Some websites want to eavesdrop on you, determine your location, or even access the camera. Multiple settings can protect you. Open "Settings > Safari" and select "Camera", "Microphone", "Location". Set to be asked every time.

Safari downloads in iCloud Drive

Almost ten years after its introduction, Apple is still stingy when it comes to iCloud storage. If you do not want to pay for it or only use a small option, then you should not handle it carelessly and do not strain it excessively. Especially Safari can become a memory hog due to the new download option. You should therefore enable the option "On my iPhone" in "Settings > Safari > Downloads".


For optimal security, new features and an optimized experience, software updates are necessary. This is easy to forget. Apple, therefore, allows you to have the iPhone perform the updates automatically at night. To do this, open "Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates" and enable both "Download iOS updates" and "Install iOS updates".

Clean lightning port

If you use an iPhone for a long time, it can happen that it suddenly stops charging or the charging cable is difficult to connect. Depending on your use, you should regularly check the Lightning port and clean it with a wooden toothpick, for example, to remove dust and dirt. This ensures its long-term function.

Battery too full or too empty

Every day you probably make a gross mistake that reduces the life of your iPhone. According to Apple (and other manufacturers), your battery will last the longest if you always stay between 20 and 80 percent. Therefore, don't let your iPhone empty.

Always close apps

Speaking of apps. In the early years of the iPhone, it was common to regularly close the apps manually to keep the system fast (see page 6). In the meantime, this is no longer true. In fact, the opposite is true. Apple has optimized the software so that you should always leave the apps open to save battery. If you close the app, iOS has to charge it completely the next time you start it and needs more energy. Therefore, do not close apps.

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Automatic lock

Of course, we can understand you if you turn off the automatic screen lock. This can help you read or otherwise help you when you want to read information from the display. Still, it's a security risk you shouldn't take. Therefore, activate the same under "Settings > Display & Brightness > Automatic Lock" (see page 12). If necessary, give yourself a long time before it starts.

Would you like to receive more tips and tricks of this kind? Which tip do you try to follow in the future? Then let us know in the comments or leave us a message on Facebook.

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