How to Use Widget on Lock Screen In iOS 16

 iOS 16 messes up your lock screen with plenty of new customization options. We'll explain how to add widgets and which apps already support the feature.

How to Use Widget on Lock Screen In iOS 16

To add widgets to your lock screen

You can adjust your lock screen at any time after updating to iOS 16, for example, to change the photo style or add or replace the widgets. To do this, press and hold your finger on the lock screen. 

Now select the screen you want to edit and tap "Customize" underneath. So you can set a new photo, color theme, font style, or even widgets in a familiar way without having to create a new lock screen.

The new widget bar can be found below the time. It allows up to four widgets, whereby larger widgets are also possible, which can occupy a maximum of half of the bar. 

Currently, only widgets for applications from Apple and some third-party providers are available here. Since Apple has also released the associated interface for development teams, you can expect all sorts of new possibilities in the future. 

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Pro tip: Widget instead of date

By the way, you can't just use the widget bar below the time to show you information. The date above can also be exchanged with just a few taps. To do this, simply tap on the date. 

Again, you will be shown all available options.

These Apple apps have lock screen widgets

Of course, Apple is pushing ahead and showing with its own applications how the new widget areas of the lock screen can be used. The following apps and features already support the innovation:

  • Shares (share list, individual prices)
  • Batteries (Status Accessories)
  • Reminders (list)
  • Fitness (activity)
  • Home (Overview, Climate, Climate Sensor, Safety, Safety Accessories, Light Sources)
  • Calendar (Next Event)
  • News (Today)
  • Clock (city digital, city analog, world clock, next alarm clock)
  • Weather (temperature, weather conditions, UV index, sunrise and sunset, moon, precipitation, wind, air quality)

In our gallery, we'll introduce you to some examples of Apple apps and also show you how developers use the new widgets on the lock screen.

  • Motivation – Daily quotes 
  • Apollo for Reddit
  • Structured - Daily Planner
  • Intent – Healthy Meal Plan 
  • Pedometer+ 
  • Seeds: Plant-based recipes 
  • Todoist: To-Do List & Planner 
  • Flighty - Fast Flight Tracker 
  • Carrot Weather: Alerts & Radar 
  • Water Tracker Waterllama 
  • TickTick: To-Do List & Calendar 
  • SmartGym: Gym & Home Workouts 
  • Overcast 
  • Yazio Fasting & Food Tracker 
  • CardPointers for Credit Cards 
  • Parcel – Delivery Tracking 
  • Timepage by Moleskine Studio 
  • Things 3 
  • Tangerine: Self-care & Goals 
  • WaterMinder – Water Tracker 
  • Widgetsmith
  • Launchify 
  • various Google apps
  • and many more

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