5 Tips Why You Must Switching from Windows to MacBook

Switching from Windows to Apple takes some getting used to. Where is the right mouse button? And how do you use your usual keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste text? In this article, we'll give you 5 tips for switching from Windows to Apple Macbook.

5 Tips Why You Must Switching from Windows to MacBook

1. Use the right mouse button

The trackpad of your Apple Macbook is actually a big button. Wherever you click on the trackpad, the effect is always the same as with the well-known left mouse button. 

By pressing the trackpad with 2 fingers, you use the right mouse button. So you use the same functions in all your programs as on your old Windows laptop.

2. Work with keyboard shortcuts

On your Windows laptop, you can easily copy, cut and paste text with the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C, X and V. On MacBook, you use the same letters, but in combination with the Command (⌘) key. 

The same goes for almost all the keyboard shortcuts you're used to from Windows. Simply replace Ctrl with Command/Command (⌘) and use all known keyboard shortcuts on the Apple MacBook.

3. Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Just like your old Windows laptop, your new MacBook won't ship with Microsoft Office pre-installed. However, what you'll find are the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps. 

These are free apps from Apple for word processing, spreadsheet creation, and presentation creation. So you don't have to look for a separate software to keep doing all your work. 

These apps are part of Apple iWork, the counterpart to Office. The good thing is that iWork is compatible with Office and allows you to open Word and Excel documents on your MacBook.

4. Search programs and files

The navigation and folder structure of your new Macbook may not be what you're used to. Luckily, with a simple press of a button, you can search for pretty much anything without having to navigate through complicated menus and folders. 

Press Command/cmd (⌘) + Spacebar on your keyboard and Spotlight will appear. Spotlight is a search bar that lets you search your entire laptop for programs, files, and contacts. 

You will also be suggested websites where you can find more information about your search. Siri, the personal assistant in macOS that works with speech recognition, can also look up apps and files for you. Just ask Siri if you want to find a file or folder or launch an app.

5. Use the function keys

Although your Apple Macbook, just like your old Windows laptop, has the top row of F keys, now mainly the icons and features are highlighted. 

On some models of the Apple MacBook Pro, the buttons have even been replaced by a touch bar. With the top row on the keyboard, you can adjust the brightness of your screen with the touch of a button or increase the volume slightly. 

You can also easily hang up the next song when you listen to Spotify or look at an overview of all your open applications.

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