How to Unlock iPhone with Voice, It's Easy!

 Unlocking the iPhone can be done in various ways such as Face ID, Touch ID, or entering a passcode.

How to Unlock iPhone with Voice, It's Easy!

These three methods are the most commonly used ways to unlock the iPhone.

Not many people know that the iPhone can actually be unlocked with the user's voice.

Yep, iPhone devices running the iOS 14.6 operating system or later allow users to unlock with voice.

Well, this time newbie will share a tutorial to activate the iPhone unlock feature with voice. Come on, see more!

With iOS 14.6, Apple launched an accessibility feature that gives iPhone and iPad users new options for unlocking the screen.

Users can take advantage of the voice control feature to control various system functions on the iPhone, including unlocking the screen.

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How to Unlock iPhone with Voice

Here are the steps to activate the iPhone unlock feature with sound.

  1. How to Unlock iPhone Screen by Voice
  2. Make sure you are running iOS 14.6 or later.
  3. Open settings then navigate to Accessibility or Accessibility.
  4. Select the Voice Control option and activate the Voice Control toggle until it turns green.
  5. Then, try to lock your iPhone using the side button.

5. Double-tap the screen to wake iPhone, then say the word "Go Home" to unlock iPhone with Face ID. If that doesn't work, you can say the password. For example, say the word "tap 1" or "tap 1", and enter your 6-digit password.

The iPhone screen unlock feature with voice was launched to make it easier for users with special needs to unlock the iPhone screen when Face ID is not working.

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