How to Restore Deleted iMessage Chats

For some users, deleting iMessage chats is a routine activity that must be done.

Besides freeing up storage, deleting iMessage chats is useful when we don't want to see certain messages.

However, sometimes important iMessage chats are also accidentally deleted.

This of course will be very inconvenient, especially if the accidentally deleted iMessage chat is an important message or a special message from someone.

When the conditions above happen to you, don't panic yet because deleted iMessage chats on Android phones can be recovered.

In iOS 16, Apple allowed users to restore deleted iMessage chats.

Users don't need to have chat backups to restore iMessage chats.

This is because a new feature of the Messages app places deleted messages in a "recently deleted" container.

Later, users can recover deleted iMessage chats from recently deleted ones.

Here are the steps to restore deleted iMessage chats on iOS 16. Read more!

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How to Restore Deleted iMessage Chats

Reporting from Apple Support, here is how to restore deleted iMessage chats.

  1. Open the Messages app on iPhone iOS 16.
  2. Click edit in the upper left corner.
  3. Select the Show recently deleted option with the trash icon.
  4. Select the chat or conversation you want to restore.
  5. Click Recover or Restore.

Please note that the feature to restore iMessage chats is similar to recovering deleted photos in the gallery.

This means that users are given a 30-day window before an iMessage chat is permanently deleted from the recently deleted container.

It's a good idea to immediately restore accidentally deleted chats or messages so you don't forget them later.

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