How To Disable Syncing Notes App To iCloud On iOS 16

The iCloud feature is indeed very useful for synchronizing Apple users' data across devices.

However, certainly, not a few of the users want to disable iCloud sync for certain applications for various reasons.

One of them is the syncing of the Notes App to iCloud which sometimes makes users alert with important information in their notes.

Even though the iCloud storage system is quite high especially in iOS 16 nowadays, many users are worried that their data is duplicated to the online storage space.

Don't worry, you can still disable the synchronization feature for this Notes application.

So that your notes can be stored locally in another storage space that you think is more secure.

The deactivation process is also straightforward and fast.

Well, this time newbie will show you how to disable syncing the Notes App to iCloud on iOS 16.

Check out the steps below!

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How to disable syncing Notes App to iCloud on iOS 16

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  1. The first way you have to do is to open the homepage of your iPhone.
  2. After that tap the Settings app.
  3. If your Apple ID has been previously set, your name will automatically appear at the top of the Settings application. Then tap your name listed there.
  4. After that, tap "Show All" on your account page that has been opened.
  5. Once open, then tap the "Notes" feature in the application row that appears.
  6. After that you will be treated to a green button that says "Sync this iPhone". If you want to disable it immediately, tap the button until it turns gray.

Later you will get a warning that reads "Delete from iPhone", which means this step will make your data deleted from the iPhone.

Don't worry, you can still restore the data if you re-enable synchronization in the Notes App to iCloud.

Well, that's how to disable syncing the Notes App to iCloud on iOS 16

Good luck and I hope it's useful!

For those of you who are curious about other news about Apple, keep an eye on www.newbieadvisor.com!

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