These 10 Features You Should Try Right Away in iPhone 14 Pro

 The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are here and with them, you will reach numerous new features. We'll tell you which features you should try out right away.

These 10 Features You Should Try Right Away in iPhone 14 Pro

Start sound

After the Mac has been playing an iconic startup sound when booting up for years, this is also possible for the first time with the iPhone 14. 

In the form of an accessibility feature, you can activate the "Sounds on & off" under "Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual". 

On older models, the function is not available because it has been integrated deep into the bottom and an update of this is not possible for security reasons.

The screen stays on!

Apple in many ways, the iPhone 14 differs more significantly from the iPhone 14 Pro. Not only did the company decide to use different processors that allow the Pro to boost performance, but Apple is also expanding the features of the OLED display. 

After using ProMotion in the Pro models in 2021, the iPhone maker is adding a new feature using LTPO technology so that the screen can variably adjust the frame rate between 1 Hz and 120 Hz. 

The low frame rate enables the new always-on feature, which always leaves the display on at all times. This allows you to keep track of your new widgets and incoming messages without having to activate the screen.

Welcome to Dynamic Island

The rumor mill confirmed it months ago: The camera notch has disappeared in the Pro models. However, it is not possible without a front camera and therefore there is now the Dynamic Island. 

With this, Apple describes an image section that hides the camera and at the same time offers new possibilities for multitasking. 

For example, you can quickly control activities running in the background – such as music.

Always-On Display

The always-on-screen is a handy feature to stay up to date. Did you know that it disables itself during certain actions? Although it is a useful extension, you can also disable it under "Settings > Display & Brightness" by tapping "Always on".

Dynamic Island

Apple still has innovative power. The company shows this with the creative use of the camera cutout. Under the term "Dynamic Island", the area around the section is used for an extended multitasking experience. 

Timers or turning instructions can be displayed there. It is also possible to control your running music. Test yourself through the system and discover the numerous possibilities. You can find a list here.

48 MP ProRAW

The main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro has received a significant improvement. Apple quadrupled the resolution of the sensor, but still, all recordings are still played back in the well-known 12 MP. 

According to Apple, this allows more detail to be captured while reducing image noise in low light. Under "Settings > camera > formats" you can set the ProRAW resolution. 

If you want to enjoy the full resolution – for example for crops or for poster-sized photos – change it to 48 MP. In the Camera app, you can activate ProRAW by tapping the "RAW" button. 

Don't forget, however, that the photos can be very large (between 60 and 120 MB).

Action Mode

If you have a new iPhone 14, do you still need an action camera? Not necessarily. Apple is introducing a new action mode that balances your movements as well as shaking to ensure more stable shots. 

This works very well – even if you're running. Try the feature once. You can even activate a low-light mode under "Settings > camera > video".

Cinema Mode 2.0

Last year, Apple introduced cinema mode with the iPhone 13 models. This brings a cinematic depth of field effect to your videos. 

You can even shift the focus afterward. However, he had a problem so far: You could only record in FullHD. With the iPhone 14 changes. 

From now on, it also supports 4K resolution with up to 30 frames per second. Alternatively, you can also select 24 fps.

Autofocus for front camera

Apple also improved significantly on the front camera. The iPhone manufacturer installs a larger aperture that captures more light (up to 33 percent more). 

This results in less image noise and more detail. In addition, Apple is introducing autofocus into the TrueDepth camera for the first time, so that your group shots are even better.

Adaptive True Tone Flash

In the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple integrated a new LED flash. This no longer flashes as before but adapts its intensity to the subject and the distance. 

This is to prevent overexposure and create a more natural look.

Improved low-light recording

Larger apertures for all cameras. In addition to the front camera, Apple also improved on the three cameras on the back. 

New sensors and revised software should provide a boost in less light. With the ultra-angle camera, the company promises up to three times better photos, while the main camera and telephoto camera are said to deliver twice the quality compared to its predecessor. 

Accident detection

Even if you shouldn't try it, it's good to know that your iPhone 14 Pro can detect a serious car accident and make an emergency call. 

At the same time, your emergency contacts will also be notified. Therefore, be sure to configure the function under "Settings > emergency call SOS".

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