Accessibility in iOS 16 explained: Hang up with Siri or voice control

 Accessibility has some new features in iOS 16. You can now hang up using voice control or Siri.

Both the Siri language assistant and the voice control of your iPhone and iPad have become a bit more powerful with the update to the latest operating systems. 

If you wish, Siri will wait longer for your voice commands or can also announce notifications on your hearing aid. 

Another useful feature is hanging up on calls. This allows you to end a call hands-free. Apple offers you the option of using both Siri and voice control – whichever you prefer. 

However, the function must first be activated.

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How to enable Siri to hang up

Apple's voice assistant has been able to end calls since iOS 16. To turn on the feature, open the Settings app and select Siri & Search. Then tap on “end call”. 

Then drag the slider to the right to enable the feature. Now if you're on a call and can't press the red end button, just say "Hey Siri, hang up." Don't forget that the person you are talking to can hear you.

How to activate voice control hangs up

As an alternative to Siri, it is also possible to use voice control to end calls. First, make sure that voice control is activated. 

To do this, open the Settings app and navigate to “Accessibility > Voice Control”. Right at the top, the slider should be highlighted in green. 

You can check whether "Hang up" is also activated under "Customize commands > Device". There you will find the option "Hang up". 

Tap on it and activate it if necessary. Again, don't forget that your counterpart can hear you say "hang up" as a command.

What do you think of the accessibility features in iOS 16? Let us know in the comments.

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