iOS 16: These new search functions are waiting on your home screen

While the new lock screen is the highlight of iOS 16, the Home screen also has new tricks up its sleeve that you should definitely know.

In recent years, the home screen has gained some useful features. In addition to the introduction of widgets, there was also the app media library or pages that could be hidden. 

In iOS 16, Apple gave the home screen several new functions, but they are very inconspicuous and you may not notice them right away.

Search on the home screen

Spotlight search is a handy feature available by swiping down. You can use it to find apps, files, notes, and more. 

Currencies can also be converted, while Spotlight can also solve simple arithmetic problems. With iOS 16, the feature is available to you even faster. 

You can now see the new "Search" button directly on the home screen, so you can start searching without swiping.

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Search images with Spotlight

In addition, Apple also expanded the Spotlight search on the home screen. If you enter any search query in the text field, your photos and videos will also be searched for the search term under iOS 16, so that you can also find specific recordings in this way. Incidentally, this also includes text within images.

Spotlight: Quick Actions (Alarm, Focus, and more)

The Spotlight search is a useful help in everyday life. Use it to quickly find apps, search documents, find photos, solve simple math problems, and convert currencies and units. 

With iOS 16, the system-wide search feature can do even more. Apple is introducing so-called Quick Actions so that you can carry out simple tasks from the search mask. 

To do this, swipe down from the top of the home screen and set your alarm clock, start a timer, run a shortcut or activate a focus profile directly from the view. Just enter what you want and off you go.

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