iOS 16: An overview of the new features in Apple Maps

 Apple Maps finally gets a long-awaited feature in iOS 16, which should make everyday navigation in the map app easier. Public transport users can also look forward to improvements.

iOS 16: An overview of the new features in Apple Maps

In contrast to the other innovations in iOS 16, such as the lock screen or the Photos app, the changes to Apple's Maps app are rather sparse. 

However, the single major improvement in Apple Maps is extremely helpful for those looking for a now good alternative to Google Maps or other mapping apps. 

So you can finally plan routes with several stops and use them in the navigation.

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Using the new feature in iOS 16 is extremely easy. After entering the first destination, you will see a list with the start and end of the navigation. 

If you want to add another location, you can easily do this by selecting “Add stop”:

When entering the destinations, you must note that Apple Maps leaves the order up to you. The route is not optimized by the app. 

However, you can easily adjust the order by tapping the icon to the right of a target to move it up or down.

Another new feature, which you can see in the screenshot above, is the changed scheduling interface. Here you can choose between a car, footpath or public transport. 

It is also possible to plan by specifying the date and time. You can also avoid toll roads or motorways if you wish.

All these planning options are available not only in Apple Maps for iOS 16, but also for iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura.


There are further improvements in the support of public transport in iOS 16. Unfortunately, these innovations are only of limited use to German users. 

If known, Apple Maps will list the tariffs for your trip, for example.

You can also add public transport cards to Apple Wallet directly from Maps. In Germany, this is not yet supported by any provider.

However, anyone planning a holiday in London or a number of other regions can look forward to this novelty.

Once set up, you can also check your balance in the iOS 16 card app or top it up if necessary.

With the express mode already known from earlier iOS versions, you can conveniently use your iPhone or Apple Watch for trips. 

All you have to do is hold your smartphone or smartwatch up to the corresponding reader; unlocking is not necessary.

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