Apple Watch: These 9 Tricks You Should Know

For more than five years, many iPhone users have been wearing an Apple Watch on their wrists. It is more than just an extension for the iPhone, but offers a variety of functions in addition to fitness features. 

Apple Watch: These 9 Tricks You Should Know

In recent years, Apple has again added some innovations that many users do not know.

Photos as a dial

You can set photos as watch faces in two ways. For a single photo, it works via the Photos app on iPhone. 

Select the photo with a tap and tap the Share icon. In the bottom row, select "Create Watch Face" and specify whether you want a photo watch face or the kaleidoscope view. 

Then tap "Add" to set the photo as the current watch face.

For multiple photos, proceed in a similar way. However, in the Photos app, tap Select to mark your favorite shots. 

Once selected, tap the Share icon and select Create Watch Face. Now set whether the time displays should be at the top or bottom and what other complications you want to use before tapping "Add".

Customize the Dock

The dock can be reached by pressing the side button on the Apple Watch. This can be adjusted in just a few simple steps. 

To do this, open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap the menu item "Dock". You can see all the apps that are stored in the Dock at the top. 

Below are all undisplayed apps. Tap Edit, and then tap the red or green icons in front of the apps on the left to remove or add them from the Dock. 

You can edit the order by holding down your finger on the three-line icon and dragging the app to the desired location. Finally, tap "Done" once you've set all the apps and their order for the Dock.

Share activities

You can compare your fitness activities with your friends and thus compete in person. To do this, open the Activity app on your iPhone. 

Select the "Share" tab at the bottom of the screen. After a tap "Start" you will be taken to the usual friend's view. 

At the top right, tap the plus "+" icon. You will be made suggestions about possible "counterparties" who are on your contact list and have an Apple Watch. 

Otherwise, you can also select a contact. A red font tells you if your friend has linked an Apple Watch to their account. Tap Send and wait for your friend to accept the invitation.

Change motion target

While the daily workout time and standing hours can't be set, Apple lets you change the movement goal on your Apple Watch. 

To adjust the calories needed for the exercise goal, first, open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. 

Now press a little harder (Force Touch) on the activity rings and then select the "Change Motion Target" option. 

Via the Digital Crown or via the plus and minus symbol on the screen, you can now set your desired calorie goal in increments of 10, once you are done, simply tap on the "Update" button. 

You can change the destination at any time and adapt it to your requirements.

Set unlock code

In the Watch app of the iPhone, you will find various setting options for the Apple Watch under the menu item "Code". 

Here you can activate or deactivate the lock or change the code later. In addition, you are offered the option of deleting all data from the Apple Watch if the code is entered incorrectly several times. 

Especially because of the sensitive data (Apple Pay, fitness data, messages, etc.) you should activate the last option. 

In order not to always have to enter the code on the small display, you can pair the unlock to the unlock of the iPhone.

Delete all notifications

Like the iPhone, the Apple Watch also uses 3D Touch or Force Touch for many additional options. 

The feature can be used in the Notification Center, for example. There, all messages can be removed very quickly with just a few taps. 

First press firmly on the display and then on the "Remove All" option that appears. The notification center is empty again.

Disable Alarm Mode

Apple Watch's alarm mode shows you the current time in large green letters when charging. 

To display the watch's face, you can also deactivate it. To do this, open the Watch app on the iPhone and select the "My Watch" tab. Now tap on "General". Scroll down until you see "Alarm Clock Mode". 

Drag the slider to the left to disable the feature.

View the latest app

On the Home screen, launch the Settings app and select "Enable general > display". Various new options are displayed here. 

Under "Show the last app when lifting your arm", you will now see "In sessions", "Max 8 min after last use", "Max 1 hour after last use" and "Always". 

Apple counts active session apps such as Workout, Maps, Remote, the Timer, and also third-party apps.

Check Calories

Apple gives you the ability to view not only the daily movement calories but also your passive calories. 

These are calculated slightly dynamically based on various factors. To see your activity and total calories, open the Activity app on your iPhone and tap the History tab. 

Under "Move", swipe from right to left to reveal your total calories.

In the Apple Watch, Apple hides numerous functions from the users, which can only be recognized at a second glance. 

Over the past generations of software, the iPhone manufacturer not only improved watchOS but also turned the operating system upside down in many areas. 

Keeping track of things is anything but easy. Remember the checks from watchOS 1, which resembled small widgets but then had to give way? 

watchOS: Apple is trying to find its place

In the first attempt, Apple's smartwatch was able to convince with a chic design and simple operation. 

Nevertheless, the experts from Cupertino could not yet assess the real benefits and the use of the Apple Watch, so in the following time numerous changes were made and some less intuitive features were made more visible or even completely deleted – such as the favorites list, which appeared a press on the side button. 

For some time now, you've been able to find the handy dock at the touch of a button, giving you quick access to frequently used apps. In our tips, we also explain how you can adjust it with ease. 

The same applies to the fitness functions, which you can set, view, and even share with little effort. The latter can even lead to a small competition with friends and family to motivate each other to new peak performances. 

However, Apple hides significantly more big and small features in watchOS that are just waiting to be discovered by you. In our gallery, you will therefore find nine useful tips to help you in everyday life.

If you would like to see more tips and tricks of this kind in the future, please let us know. Leave a comment or leave us a post on our Facebook page.

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