3 Ways to Use Viral Anime Filters on TikTok

The tiktok anime filter is currently viral and lots of people want to know how to use the tiktok anime filter.

3 Ways to Use Viral Anime Filters on TikTok

Tiktok has now become one of the kings of social media because it is an application that is widely used and is quite popular in use by all groups.

Even though initially the presence of social media Tiktok was underestimated by many people, with the increasing number of Tiktok users, there are also lots of filters that we can use on Tiktok.

This social media made by a developer from China has become one of the social media applications for sharing short videos which is quite popular.

By using the tiktok application, you can do lots of fun things by making short videos that are 15 seconds long and can be watched by many people.

Even if your short videos on TikTok are FYP, then your videos have many possibilities to be watched by thousands of people around the world.

It's not surprising that now there are lots of famous artists who also exist on the TikTok application by making lots of short 15-second videos.

The reason that tiktok is currently widely used is the many cool filters that we can use in the tiktok application.

One application that is currently viral is the tiktok anime filter.

By using the tiktok anime filter application you can change yourself in the video to be like anime characters in Japanese animated films.

If you claim to be a true tiktoker whose videos you FYP make, make sure you don't miss the fun of using the tiktok anime filter application.

For newbies who are curious about the anime filters on Tiktok that are currently viral, then you must listen to them below.

What is a TikTok anime filter?

Before we discuss further about how to use the tiktok anime filter, it's better if we first discuss the meaning of the tiktok anime filter.

2 Ways to Use Viral Anime Filters on TikTok

Surely many of you don't know what the tiktok anime filter really is and what it's used for.

The tiktok anime filter itself is a filter in the tiktok application that can change your tiktok videos to be like anime characters in Japanese animated films.

By using the Tiktok anime filter, you can have fun making short videos on Tiktok by using a photo of your face that has been edited like an anime character.

How to find filters on TikTok?

Many of you will definitely be confused by how to look for filters on TikTok or on IG.

But don't worry because here a newbie will give you the complete steps so you don't need to worry about not finding the name of this new anime filter.

How to use anime filters

Actually, it's not only TikTok that has this anime cartoon character filter, on social media IG (Instagram) it also has an anime filter.

For this reason, newbie will give you steps so that your photos can become anime characters on TikTok and on Instagram.

How to Use Tiktok Anime Filters

For newbies who are very curious about how to use the Tiktok anime filter, we don't need to linger anymore.

You just have to follow the steps that a newbie will give below.

  • Open the tiktok application on your cellphone then immediately select the tiktok search menu
  • If so, please type #comic, #comicchallenge, or #comicface in the search button
  • Later a list of videos from other tiktok users who use the tiktok anime filter will appear.
  • Please open one of the videos from a tiktok user who uses the tiktok animation filter, then please press the tiktok filter button on the right and bottom.
  • If so, please use the Tiktok anime filter by pressing the record button
  • Next, please select your photo that you want to edit into a Japanese anime photo, then please edit the TikTok video using the anime photo that you edited.
  • If so, the next step is that you can share the anime video that you made earlier to the tiktok application.

How to use anime filters on instagram

For Instagram users, don't worry because you can also use the Tiktok anime filter which is currently viral on Instagram.

For the steps, you can follow the following

  • First, you can open the updated Instagram application and enter your own Instagram account.
  • Click on the search menu on Instagram and type @dwikiferdi99 to find the account
  • This Instagram account is an account of people who make anime filters on Instagram.
  • If you have found it, open your own Instagram account and select the filter menu by clicking on the emoji icon in the middle.
  • Then go down and find the name of the Cartoon Face filter.
  • You can click the down arrow to save it, or click Try directly testing the animated filter on Instagram.
  • Click the filter and record a short video of the user.
  • By itself, the filter will capture the user's face, and display it like an anime character.
  • After the video is finished, it can be shared on Instagram or other social media.

Using the Faceplay application

Apart from using the filters on TikTok, you can also change your face to that of an anime character by using the faceplay application.

However, it's a shame that the faceplay application is a paid application, so to use it, you have to pay first.

Even though you pay, the results of the anime filter in the Faceplay application can make your TikTok account enter FYP and be seen by lots of people.

To download this application, you can first download the faceplay application for Android phones and the faceplay application for iOS

It's definitely very easy for those of you who want to make a photo of yourself as a Japanese anime character on TikTok.

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